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  1. You can use the command "/whitelist on" to enable the whitelist which will only give users you grant access to the ability to join the server. To add a player to this list, use "/whitelist add (username)" I hope this helps you!
  2. Hey, that was unfortunate. Anyways, you can send in an appeal here so we can take a look at it.
  3. Please make sure that you aren't responding to posts that haven't been responded to in over a month. Locking this thread. Thanks!
  4. Moved the thread to Skript discussion for you!
  5. Moved this to skript discussion for you!
  6. Moved this to Skript Discussion for you!
  7. That sucks! I suggest that you make a report here if you have evidence to back this up so we can take a look into this.
  8. Yes, these are from Minehut as something big is coming. You are welcome to decrypt the message if you'd like. Good luck!
  9. Moved this to the help section for you!
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