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  1. i mean custom ones if skript can't do that u can tell me how to do it by using scoreboard and command blocks here is a simullar command i used before to create the levels and the exp system /scoreboard objectives add Level dummy /scoreboard objectives add Exp dummy execute @a[lm=1,l=1,score_Exp_min=500,score_Level=1]execute @a[lm=1,l=1,score_Level_min=500,score_Level=0] its was something like that when the players reaches 500 exp the exp resets to 0 and the players gain 1 level and so on so yeah and when the players reaches level 500 if he gain another level the level reset to le
  2. So im kinda new to skript plugin so i just wanna know if i could make levels like when the player reaches 500 exp he level up by 1 level and the exp resets to 0 i made that along time ago but i can't remember how to do this again by using cmd blocks and scoreboard so i came here to see if skript can actually make levels and exp, thank you
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