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  1. If you could upload a video of that and send me a link I would greatly appreciate it. I do not understand as said previously
  2. how do you do this if I right click on any files it says select all. I do not really understand
  3. Does this include folders or only files...
  4. Please respond I really need to know how to download each idividualy… thank you in advance.
  5. So... a jr.mod told me that if I really needed to download files I could download each and every one individually. As I am willing to do that... I wanted to know how.
  6. I will do it I just wanna know
  7. How do I copy each and every one
  8. Hello. I am a server owner of one controlled by minehut. I wanted to know how to upload folders not worlds but folders for example the plugins folder as I am moving on to a new host... Thank You in advance.
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