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  1. money note is not working and i cannot find an alternative PLEASE FIX IT I NEED IT FOR MY EPIC SERVER IDEA
  2. yes thanks it works for everything i need it for although for people looking at this skript it doesnt work for snowballs.
  3. Can anyone make a skript where when a projectile hits tnt it destroys it. This would be like in spleef where when you hit a block with a projecitle it breaks.
  4. Make a skript that make projectiles (arrows, snowballs, etc) break blocks instantly so you can make things like bow spleef or snowball spleef.
  5. oh can you make a simple anti curse word, bot and spam chat protection. If you could it would be amazing. thx
  6. I think ill swap to additions
  7. what do you think how do you think i made the tab
  8. The skript is listed below with the error message also sorry about posting in the wrong area I always get it wrong.
  9. does anyone know how to fix this when i enter the skript clearly given in the skript docs for skrayfall tab it gives me an error. I would really like to use skrayfall for my tab because ive used it for everything else so it would be great it someone could tell me how to fix it. every 1 second: loop all players: set tab header to "&8- &bTablist &8-" and footer to "&7Hi there, &b%loop-player%&7!" for loop-player
  10. is this what you needed https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/spawn-skript.14109/
  11. Kiteboard is also outdated. also the spawners plugin can be replaced by skript easily.
  12. make a skript so that when you click the link to join a discord server you get a certain amount of items
  13. Landec

    plugins not working

    ok thx will it reset the progress or will i not have to worry
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