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  1. You can hack in the lobbies, but if you are causing unnecessary annoyance to some players (ex. interrupting a competition, being annoying with speed hacks, etc.) you could get kicked or even possibly banned. For hacks on other MH servers, it all depends on their rules.
  2. Ashley takes the number one spot for me. I agree with the placement, though ly guys. (Also f for Missyeru who resigned. I hope wherever life takes you is a good place)
  3. Marsh_Land

    server broke HELP

    That's allowed.
  4. Marsh_Land

    server broke HELP

    You can download your world and move it to another one of your servers. That's perfectly allowed. Try using the command "/dl world world" and then using that same link in "/ul world" on the new server. Hopefully that works.
  5. This place is typically used for problems, not suggestions, but here I go: Beautyquests (It's a simple quest plugin that works) Skript (It lets you add a ton of custom features that you can make yourself. You can watch tutorials on youtube or ask for help somewhere) Itemizer/ItemEdit (It lets you modify items easily to customize them for the RPG) Shopkeepers (It is a very customizable plugin that lets you add villagers with easily-modifiable trades) Apart from those four, all others are up to you. Some might make it easier in other aspects, but these are the best for core mechanics. Hope this helps!
  6. It could be one of a few problems, but let me address the ones I think it might be: One: You formatted it wrong. Typically, the best way to format the link is to put it in dropbox, use the "copy link" button and change the "dl=0" at the end to "dl=1". Copying it into the correct spot will then allow it to work. If you did all that and it still doesn't work, go on to two. Two: The resource pack you downloaded only works with optifine. Optifine-exclusive resource packs do not work with minehut, and you may have to find another option. If that does not work, try option three. Three: Contact MH support. The link is here: https://minehut.com/support/form
  7. Marsh_Land

    server broke HELP

    Do you have over 12 plugins? There's been a recent update to server packages and the current maximum for free servers is 12. Try uninstalling plugins if you have more than that. If that doesn't work, try contacting support here: https://minehut.com/support/form
  8. If you have not resolved this issue, try doing /hub and then rejoining the server or just leave the game and relog. Apart from that, there's not much I can help with. I hope it works
  9. I'm not sure how to use the WorldDownloader mod. You could look for a tutorial on youtube, but by now, I'm pretty sure the world downloading bug has been fixed. Do "/dl world world" and it should generate a link for you. Hope this helps
  10. Tales of the Lost Drifting. Drifting across the empty void. Then a light. A bright flash of white. A dark hole, leading to nothing… nothing... Blinding white light...again? and then there was nothing. Drifting. Drifting again, at peace, until- Donnnnggg A slight pause. Donnnngggg There it was again. His eyelids fluttered open, a soft forest green appearing from beneath the lids in contrast to the pale skin around his eyes. In fact, his whole face was pale, a light shade of tan nearly white. Short and cropped dark blonde hair, bangs draped upon the sea of pale that was his face. A slight yawn. Huh? The boy stands up and looks around, his slightly dirtied clothes clinging to his body all over. A dull gray tunic and brown trousers splattered with spots of darker brown and gray. He looks around. What...? The room is cluttered, a small iron bed from whence he came sits in a lonely corner, a once white, not almost gray mattress sits upon it with a quilt of patchd colors, no brighter than the mattress. The room itself is unimpressive, cluttered with junk. A broken stereo. A broken, old wardrobe missing three drawers. A cracked mirror, cobwebs strung across the gaps. A spider scurries away. An old oak door, hinges rusted with age. The room seems devoid of anything pleasant, or anything new and not old and broken for that matter... Wait. A glint of gold in the corner, possibly something untarnished and new in contrast to the dreary, palid room. A box? A small jewelry box sitting to the side, buried beneath the clutter, hidden under the broken wood frame of a child’s cradle. An ornate box, delicately crafted. Gold filigree in the shape of leaves. Interesting. The boy reaches for the box, the one vibrant color, a beacon in his dull surroundings. After pushing aside the splintering wood, he held the box in his hands, admiring the glint of gold, a slight twinge of greed in his eyes. On closer inspection, it seems to be made out of a dark wood, subtle stripes of darker colors barely visible. He spends a few seconds admiring the box, elegant and beautiful, something unlikely in a decrepit, empty place like this… Wait. Was that motion? The boy pockets the small box, hiding it in the pants of his trousers as he slowly makes his way to the crumbling door. Past the door. Through the crack between the door and the wall. A glint, a blur of something white. Is there something…someone… out there? <<<-{~(+)~}->>> A girl wakes up in an empty room, her clothes tattered and dirty, eyes a piercing blue, light hair matted with sweat and grime. She arises from the bed in the corner, the only piece of furniture, or anything, for that matter, in the room. What? She looks around, seemingly infatuated with something, the gears of her mind spinning and cranking against each other as if trying to figure out a complex algebraic equation until she was interrupted by a- Donnnnggg A sound of a large bell off in the distance. She takes a moment to contemplate this, walking around the empty room, investigating the cracked stone walls and hay-strewn floor until she gets to a door. Donnnnggg There it was. The bell again. She looks around frantically as if trying to track a fly on it’s path around a room, but then her small eyes settle on the door. What was that? A glint of motion? A blur of white? <<<-{~(+)~}->>> The boy approaches the door, laying his hand tentatively on the edge of the frame, hesitant to see what lies beyond. He slowly pushes, the rusted iron hinges groaning and creaking as the door is slowly pushed open revealing… A hallway? The hallway is old and cracked, similar to the walls of the room. High and vaulted ceilings loom above. It seems to go forever, many doors along the way, nearly identical to the one he just came out of. What… What is this place? Sconces line the walls, old iron and holding dull sticks of wood. The boy looks around as if trying to find someone else, but there is nothing… Wait. The eerie silence pierces through the dark hallway. The boy shakes his head and directs his attention to the ends of the hall. Left or Right? He seems to contemplate the two paths for quite some time, finally choosing the one to his left. He walks down the seemingly abandoned hall, blue torches flaring to life as he approaches. The hallway seems to stretch forever, no end in sight. <<<-{~(+)~}->>> The girl approaches the door and places a hand on the edge of the frame, gently tracing the iron attachments on the side. She seems to be bored and fiddles with her hands, as if she was waiting for something. After standing in front of the door motionless for a few minutes, she finally pushes it open to… A streak of white. A blur of white right past her, igniting blue flames along the way, and suddenly, as soon as it had appeared, it was gone. She stares down the hall curiously, looking towards where the white blur had run. To the right. She continues to the right of her door, walking along and tracing her finger against the imperfections in the wall, the cracks guiding her small pointer finger along the grooves. She walks for quite a while this way, the hallway devoid of any life until a light appears in the distance. A blue flame far down the tunnel. She stares at the light, eyes curious and bright, wondering what lies there. It is too far away to see what lies beyond, but that captivating blue light compels her. She lifts her bare feet off of the ground and bursts into a run. <<<-{~(+)~}->>> The boy is slowly walking along the tunnel, staring at the closed doors, afraid to open them and release whatever lay inside. He continues to walk down the dank tunnel, the cold starting to get to him. Shivering. The tunnel seems to become more frigid with every step, but the boy continues on. He walks down the cobbled floors, pace picking up to stay warm, until something appears… A flickering blue light. Off in the distance. Could it be…? His pace quickens even further as he begins to race off towards the light in the distance, legs filled with a newfound adrenaline to find what lies beyond. He keeps running and running And running And running And running And running And running But the light is still in the distance, ever so far away. The boy gives up, panting and crouching on his heels, leaning against the cool stone wall to catch his breath. He stares longingly for a few moments at the unwavering light in the distance, his sense of curiosity flaring even higher than before. I must get to the light. He picks up his pace yet again, reinvigorated by his rest and continues to run towards the light, except this time, it seems to get closer. He keeps running to find the answer, the bottom of his feet screaming in pain as calluses and bruises form from running on the hardened, old cobblestones. I will make it. The light is approaching ever so fast, and he can start to make out a figure in the distance, the shape of a… A…. A girl? <<<-{~(+)~}->>> The girl slows down after her run through the tunnel, curious at the light, but tired and unwilling to move on. She collapses to the ground, exhausted and sore. She too, stares longingly at the light, curious to the wonders that must lie behind it. I wonder... She stands up and squints, trying to make out the light beyond. It seems to get closer ever so slightly. Given new purpose and drive, she continues to amble over to the light, walking slowly in the dim blue torchlight. So close… Yet so far… The light continues to grow larger, becoming more and more clear as she moves, and it becomes apparent that something is there. The light advances even closer and she can make out a shape. A person? No. A boy. <<<-{~(+)~}->>> The girl in the distance. It is only a silhouette but he wants to run and meet her, curious to meet someone else in this forsaken place. Run. He continues to run, pushing forward and the figure does too, approaching faster and faster and faster… And faster until… <<<-{~(+)~}->>> The boy in the distance breaks out into a sprint running and she does the same, trying to find out who he is and why he’s here. She runs as if her life depends on it. I can make it. She pushes on, running faster and faster and faster… And faster until… <<<-{~(+)~}->>> They arrive. The boy and the girl stand five feet apart, the boy staring at the girl and the girl staring at the boy. They both seem hesitant and confused, but happy to be together. The girl approaches and surprises the boy with a hug. He hugs her back. “What is this place?” “I have no idea.” The girl and the boy stand together, hands linked in an awkward silence, contemplating what might be happening. They stare off into the distance, fully in darkness, only the blue torches close to them ablaze. “Why… Why are we here?” The silence continues, the boy and the girl wondering, when it is interrupted by a heavy groan. A creaking sound follows and the boy and the girl, startled, look around for the source. It is pitch black. The torchlight that protected them disappeared, snuffed out by some unseen force. Heavy footsteps follow and the boy runs toward a wall, feeling for the grooves of the door. His hands lock onto the handle, pulling with all his might, but it doesn’t budge. The girl runs over to the other side, her hands leaving his No! A clanking sound is hear, louder than before, footsteps falling even faster… No! He reaches out, desperate to find the girl that he found comfort in, but she was gone. He felt around, the darkness so cold and lonely, but he found nothing. Alone. Alone again. He crumpled to the floor, eyes teary in the dark, crying and sobbing. He had come this far to find nothing and be alone again… Until… The light blossoms again, the blue torches reigniting and becoming ablaze once more, the dim torchlight showing the girl, on the opposite side, doing the same. Sobbing. He runs over to her and pulls her into an embrace, vowing to never let her go. He sobs into her arms and her into his and they pull each other closer and closer and- Donnnnggg That belll… Donnnnggg The boy and the girl look frightened, staring off into the distance as one by one, the torches reignite, kindled by some unseen force. The hall seems to go on forever, endless doors and endless loneliness. “Hey. We’re going to be all right.” The boy stands up and helps the girl do the same, staring into her bright eyes. She pulls him into another warm embrace, their warmth and joy counteracting the cold, but only temporarily. The temperature begins to drop. Shivering… They cuddle together, using the other’s body heat for warmth, the torch lights slowly going out all around them until one is left across from them on the wall, mounted above an old door. CrEEAaakkKK… The door slowly opens up, seemingly nothing inside. The boy and the girl stare at each other, confused and scared about what might lie beyond. “We go in together.” She looks at him and smiles, her face warm and bright. They stand up and slowly walk over to the door, the heavy oaken bolt slamming shut behind them, the last torch snuffed out. The room is bare except for hole in the ground, empty and dark... They look at each other. They smile. They jump...
  11. Wow... that was stunning. A work of art, indeed!
  12. I guess not. You could install it on your own computer, but if it's meant for multiple people, then I don't know what to say. You can offer it as a download link saying "If you have optifine, download this". Apart from that, I don't know what else to say. Sorry
  13. If you'd like to try it in-game, you can start with "/ul world". It will prompt you to type in a name then ask for the link you acquired above. The simpler way would be going through the panel in "/mineut". Either method (that nich or I stated) works.
  14. In the lobby, there is a "/join [servername]" command that starts up a server. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent this from that way (it has been a discussion for quite some time now), but there are alternatives. You can whitelist the server when you leave. You can temporarily ban them. You can set-up a skript that only lets them online when you are on, etc. I hope this helps
  15. Unfortunately no, but there is a plugin you can install in the future to prevent against that. It's called "CoreProtect" and to use it, you stand in the chunk and do "/co rollback t:[time]" where "time" is the time rolled back. If you have sufficient evidence, you can report them here (https://forums.minehut.com/forum/23-player-reports/) for griefing. You could try to contact player support (minehut.com/support) if you really want it back. Apart from that, there's nothing else you can do. Sorry
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