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  1. sorry ill continue working on it in a few days but im going away
  2. from what ive seen i can not without a few skript addons minehut doesnt have
  3. im not sure if ill be able to ill try my best tho
  4. I fixed the code, but also changed a few things such as %player% to %player's uuid% so if a player changes their name it stays, and added a cooldown to the command. Wasnt sure why you had the "wait 1 tick" but i deleted it, if it was there for a purpose you can just put it back in. every 5 seconds: loop all players: if {%loop-player's uuid%.random} is not set: give loop-player a random element of all items command /toggle: cooldown: 2 seconds cooldown message: &cYou can not do this for another %remaining%&c. This is to avoid command spam. trigger: if {%player's uuid%.random} is not set: set {%player's uuid%.random} to false message "&7You have disabled random items." to player else: delete {%player's uuid%.random} message "&7You have enabled random items." to player
  5. the updates you asked for Admin Command.sk Flag Mechanics.sk Join Item.sk Other.sk Shop.sk
  6. what you sent would definitely not work... your using event-block in a command, making the player remove from their own balance with a command they would have to have permission to do
  7. would u like for the items to sell the second they go in a sell chest?
  8. what items would you like it to sell and for how much
  9. Done! Let me know via discord if there are any errors Admin Command.sk Flag Mechanics.sk Join Item.sk Other.sk Shop.sk
  10. sure! im almost done btw i tried adding that discord and didtn work so add tacoo#5839
  11. Ill start working on this now, might take a bit
  12. super bored rn, ill make the skripts then send them in this
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