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  1. no, hastebin is a thing, as well as pastebin.
  2. great, but make a skript to where you can toggle it off and on
  3. I have seen that many of y'all would like a /dupe skript. This skript is great for players like me that want to make a /dupe server. This is the dupe skript. command /dupe: trigger: set {_item} to player's tool give {_item} to player stop
  4. nice, but you forgot to add that when a player is op, they can still speak
  5. Hello, I need a anticheat, the best "Anticheat" I have is a report system. If you could send a script for the Anticheat, it would be a real honor. Thank you.
  6. Please help. I am doing everything I can, but Worldedit won't work! Either its a glitch in the system, or something else, please help me!!!!!!
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