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  1. Hello, I'm currently staff on "JailBlocks" It's a fun server but.. The owner "Monster" is abusive and child like Owner He keeps banning and demoting good staff for no reason He banned a staff member named lan trying to fix the server or make the server more fun. and he banned a hard working dev named "cody" his last words were: " Monster are you like a kid or something? Because I spent hours on your server welcoming people and helping out. Then I figured I would apply for staff since Nerf said I'd be good for it. Then I spend more hours programming a macro on my computer to show the discord and server IP, as well as welcoming new members. Then you decide to hop on for the first time in seemingly days, and just take away all the ranks without even TELLING us in the fucking chat. Do you realize all my shit was in an ender chest of which I no longer have access to? I understand if you don't want your admin promoting people to helper positions when he's clearly overworked, but to be such a dick and hop on for 10 seconds just to remove everything fun about the server leaves me with a negative impression. " I don't recommend being staff there. 1/10 worst server owner 7/10 fun server to play on.
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