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  1. (DISCLAIMER) : THIS IDEA IS A LONG SHOT AND MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE BUT HEAR ME OUT. THIS IS ALSO AN IDEA AND IT MAY NOT BE FACTUAL. Hello, I am here to propose an idea that may improve the future and quality of Minehut. Recently Minehut has been experiencing, what I would call, major lag on player servers. The capacity of active servers have also been reached for constant periods of time. With hundreds of players trying to start their servers and 3.5k servers already loaded, I presume this is causing the lag contained within the Minehut player servers. I had an idea that could potentially resolve this issue. I'm not sure if any of the developers have thought about this considering information discussed between staff is, I guess confidential or undiscussable (quoted by a moderator). Without further ado, lets get onto my idea. I would like to go as much in depth as I could to give the full effect of how it will solve this issue. What if Minehut had two separate servers. I will label these servers as Minehut(1) and Minehut(2) for this explanation. My thought is that Minehut(1) will be only premium servers, servers that have bought player slots, and Minehut(2) will be only free servers, servers that have the basic 10 slots. Players who have bought player slots for their servers will be allowed to start their servers on Minehut(1). Players who have not bought players slots and have remained with the free 10 slots, which is a majority of Minehut, will only be allowed to start their server on Minehut(2). The reason that I believe this would be a long shot is because of the fact that Minehut will, possibly, need two websites for their online panels. An issue that may also be ran into and may complicate the process of upgrading your player slots is that players have to transfer their files from their "free" server to their "premium" server if they would like to upgrade player slots. This includes player data, world files, plugins, and skripts through the online panels. PROS: - Player Server lag will be reduced - Capacity could possibly be increased CONS: - Time and effort will be heavily required - Two websites and Two servers - More staff will be required to monitor both servers - Confused players if they want to upgrade player slots and switch servers Feel free to leave comments and other ideas. Anything that will help and improve this idea will be appreciated. Thank You for reading this! :) - Turoph
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