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  1. bought mh20 and i cant even start it cuz max server limit lmao currently suffering cuz minehut is still eating out my server plan
  2. on damage: attacker is a player if level of sharpness of attacker's tool is greater than or equal to 6: cancel event remove attacker's held item from attacker's inventory if ur an idiot like me and forgot to reset world after playing around with 32k swords then this skript is for you
  3. same issue here my server has been stuck for about 2 weeks and i have made 2 support tickets both of which got answered saying its fixed its still stuck and im trying to just get my server reset completely now
  4. command /start: trigger: if {claimed::%player's uuid%} is not set: set {claimed::%player's uuid%} to true give player unbreakable wooden pickaxe else: send "&cYou already claimed!" command /rst [<offline player>]: permission: op permission message: &cInsufficient permissions trigger: delete {claimed::%arg 1's uuid%} fixed
  5. on right click with iron sword: name of event-item is "&cAspect of the Nether" make player shoot a fireball at speed 2 make player shoot a dragon fireball at speed 2 this?
  6. on mine of coal block: add 1 to {coins.%player%} send "&e1 &aCoin has been added to your balance!" command /coins: trigger: send "&aCoins: &e%{coins.%player%}%" like this?
  7. still not very good at skripting so if i made a mistake pls leme know ok BanSystem.sk
  8. i think u just change it here
  9. I noticed my TPS was dropping and teleported to a random person who was going mach 10 loading chunks at a stupid speed which caused TPS to drop (he used hacks to fly) Is it possible to somehow slow down chunk loading? I tried crashing my own server (which even has MH20 plan) and it crashed after like 2 minutes after setting my flyspeed to 10 (hackers can go way faster)
  10. I can start the server and it runs fine for like 1 minute before crashing instantly I have tried repairing files Latest logs only show gibberish (random symbols litteraly no text or anything related) After crashing it wont close itself (will stay like this for 10-15 minutes) This is extremely weird as it ran fine 2 days ago with no problems at all My server will run completely fine with no lag or tps drops or anything out of the ordinary before crashing itself instantly (litteraly instantly like it just closes itself)
  11. iProSpark

    Server Crashing

    my server is constantly crashing and i have no idea why the tps doesnt drop and everyones ping is fine yet it still crashes randomly the server will run fine for 5-10 minutes and then crash instantly (no lag or anything just closes) i use mh20
  12. on right click with book: if name of tool of player is "&cInspect Player &7(Rightclick)": if targeted player is set: open the targeted player's inventory for the player send "&aNow inspecting &2%targeted player%" send "&aHealth: &2%targeted player's health%" send "&aPlaytime: &2%targeted player's time played%" send "&aRank: %targeted player's prefix%" this sometimes gets sent to the player im inspecting why? edit: its completely random if it gets sent to me or the player no idea why it happens but its extremely annoying
  13. getting a really annoying bug or something here ill hear some spammy thing (like the hitting sound but 45823 times in a second) and then the server crashes does anyone else have same issue
  14. essentials has a playtime thingy when u type /whois <player> can i use skript to show it? like a /playtime command
  15. iProSpark


    go into console and write 'op yourname' command bar looks like this and can be found right under icons
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