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  1. You have to include everything in there, starting from the command. Just copy and paste in your skript folder. Here is a beginner playlist on how to skript. You should watch these videos first.
  2. I am pretty sure EssentialsX has that built in but here is a skript for it. command /suicide: trigger: kill player send "&cYou died"
  3. Hey, are you and operator on the server? If not, make yourself an operator by watching this video. If you are already an operator I suggest checking your permission plugin (If you have one) and see if there is anything wrong it it. Hope this helps
  4. NotKaizo31


    Most likely couple of days.
  5. Hey, before you saying anything bad about Minehut services, they do automated backup every hour while the server is online and if you are playing on a Minecraft server, it's logical to do a backup once in a while or just daily. Don't complain about Minehut when it's your fault, not theirs. They also do announce when there is a downtime on their Discord so don't simply say that they don't. Fix your logic and instead of saying Minehut is providing "Shitty" services, blame it on yourself for not being responsible. As a free server host (Minehut), I can tell you that you can't find any better free
  6. I don't think /sk reload all is necessary as it messes up all skripts gui you have made with TuSke. /sk reload <file name> should be better.
  7. Don't advertise. I don't know if that is consider as advertising but to be safe, don't.
  8. I am glad I could help.
  9. So, you can read these tutorials, one of them teaches you how to start and the other teaches you how to make a linking skript. Creating a bot and linking it: https://skripthub.net/tutorials/16 Making it so players can link their Discord: https://skripthub.net/tutorials/40 Hope this helps you
  10. Here is a good sell skript tutorial, instead of just giving you the skript, I would recommend learning to make it yourself. It will be more helpful in the future
  11. So, I do not know how to skript holograms but you can use plugins, just download these 3 plugins: PlaceholderAPI, Holographic Display, Holographic Extension Using those plugins, you can holograms easily with placeholders so you can make a baltop hologram.
  12. What do you mean by that? You can't set up the permission or what. Please explain in more details so I can help.
  13. yep it does! Thanks for letting me know. on break of wool: if player's tool is not shears: cancel event send "&cYou need shears to break this block!"
  14. Do I just change on tps change event to every 5 seconds? Or do I need to change some of the code too
  15. options: prefix: &7&l[&c&lHive&e&lMinez&7&l] on tps change: if tps is lower than 19: set {fixing.tps} to true if {fixing.tps} = true: if tps is higher than 19: set {fixing.tps} to false broadcast "{@prefix}&a Tps is now stable!" on break: if {fixing.tps} = true: cancel event send "{@prefix}&c Currently fixing the tps! Please be patient." So, I am trying to make a skript where if the tps is below 19, it prevents player from mining as someone might be crashing it. I can't seem to
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