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  1. set a variable when they get muted and check for that variable when they try and talk in chat
  2. command /loop: trigger: loop 100 times: # code # code that gets executed when loop is over
  3. I mean, why all this fancy stuff when you can just make it with couple of lines? People most likely uses it for staff flight and I wouldn't see why staff would care if there isn't fancy stuff in /fly.
  4. You can download Skript and learn some basics. Then do whatever you want to do
  5. NotKaizo


    This is just a suggestion but, make it so every server an account creates has their own unique password. So if you give someone your login info, instead of them having access to all your servers, you can choose to only give them a certain one.
  6. If you were ban on your friend server, ask him to unban you. Unless you meant you got banned on the Minehut Network, then appeal.
  7. Maybe adding the enchants but hiding it will help?
  8. So, since I was bored and had pretty much nothing to do, I created another warp Skript but this time there is more features to it! Features: - Requires Payment (You can now set how much money is required to use the warp!) - Requires Permission (You can set if you want the players to need a permission to use the warp!) It might not work but I don't see anything wrong with the Skript so if there is any errors/problems with it, please let me know and I will fix it. options: #! Permissions create_perm: warp.create # Permission for someone to create warps. use_perm: warp.use # Permission for someone to use the /warp command. delete_perm: warp.delete # Permission for someone to delete warps. command /createwarp [<string>] [<integer>] [<string>]: usage: /createwarp <warp name> <price> <permission: true/false> permission: {@create_perm} trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-2 is set: if arg-3 is set: if {warp::%arg-1%} is not set: set {warp::%arg-1%} to location of player set {req::%arg-1%} to arg-2 set {permission::%arg-1%} to arg-3 send "&aSuccessfully create warp &e%arg-1%!" else: send "&cThis warp already exists!" if arg-3 is not set: send "&cPlease state if a certain permission is required for this warp, &etrue/false" if arg-2 is not set: send "&cPlease state the price cost to use this warp! If it's free, put &e0" if arg-1 is not set: send "&cPlease state the warp's name!" function Warp(p: player, w: text, a: integer): if {req::%{_w}%} is set: if {permission::%{_w}%} is true: if {_p}'s balance >= {_i}: if {_p} has permission "warp.%{_w}%": remove {_i} from {_p}'s balance teleport {_p} to {warp::%{_w}%} send "&aTeleporting..." else: send "&cYou do not have permission to use this warp!" to {_p} else: send "&cInsufficient Funds!" to {_p} if {permission::%{_w}%} is false: if {_p}'s balance >= {_i}: remove {_i} from {_p}'s balance teleport {_p} to {warp::%{_w}%} else: send "&cInsufficient Funds!" to {_p} command /warp [<string>]: usage: /warp <warp name> permission: {@use_perm} trigger: if arg-1 is set: if {warp::%arg-1%} is set: Warp(player, arg-1, {req::%arg-1%}) else: send "&cThis warp does not exist!" command /deletewarp [<string>]: usage: /deletewarp <warp name> permission: {@delete_perm} trigger: if arg-1 is set: if {warp::%arg-1%} is set: delete {warp::%arg-1%} delete {req::%arg-1%} delete {permission::%arg-1%} send "&aSuccessfully deleted warp &e%arg-1%!" else: send "&cThis warp does not exist!" Reviews and suggestions are greatly appreciated
  9. In skript, you have to double all " and # for them to work. So double them in your NBT.
  10. I recommend using player's uuid instead of player. Anyways, here's what you want. on death: if victim is player: add 1 to {%player's uuid%.kills} Also, try learning some basic skripting
  11. If you have Effects Command enable thru the Skript Config, you can hold out the player's head and do !send nbt of player's held item to console and check your logs for the NBT. Don't use the Live Console as it sometimes doesn't show the full NBT. If you don't have Effects Command enabled, you can make a Skript for it. command /test: trigger: send nbt of player's held item to console
  12. Or if the player does not exist, you can use nbt tags with Skript-Gui format gui slot 0 of player with player head with nbt "{nbt}" to run:
  13. I just got rick rolled by a skript
  14. NotKaizo

    Skript Help

    every 1 second: loop all players: if loop-player's inventory contains emerald named "&6&lJump Booster": apply jump boost 2 to the loop-player for 1 second Try that, it should work
  15. Does that plugin have a command to give the players the kits? If so, what is the command and what do you want the permission to be. Please provide more context!
  16. Make a throwable axe that damages entities when it passes thru them.
  17. Hey there! You might have accidentally changed your Level name if your Minehut panel. This usually happens when you download a map from Minehut Market. They might have already fixed it but I don't know as I don't buy maps from them. But if they haven't fix it, you can do these steps and it may help you recover your world back! 1st: Go to your Minehut Panel and choose the Settings Tab You should see a section there that says 'Level Name'. Change the Level name to your worlds name and click save! Restart your server and your problem might be solved. If that doesn't fix your problem, I am really sorry but I tried my best to help! If someone else is experiencing players data/worlds being deleted, you can try this and it might fix it.
  18. Are you sure the TPS does not drop? Do NOT check it from the scoreboard but instead, if you have EssentialsX plugin installed, you can do the command /lag and it will show you your server TPS and other useful information. Do also check if you have Plugins/Skript that you think may be causing this issue.
  19. Make sure you gave yourself OP thru the console.
  20. Hey, a lot of people are getting false ban on Minehut right now as there is a lot of people botting. Just wait till your appeal is read and they will give you an answer (Hopefully unbanning you). Also, I believe hacking is not going to get you ban in the whole Minehut network as pretty sure that is not in their rules.
  21. Uh.... why don't I make you a new one instead? command /warp [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is set: if {warp::%arg-1%} is set: teleport player to {warp::%arg-1%} send "&aTeleporting..." if {warp::%arg-1%} is not set: send "&cThis warp does not exist!" stop if arg-1 is not set: send "&6Usage: /warp <warp name>" command /setwarp [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is set: if {warp::%arg-1%} is not set: set {warp::%arg-1%} to location of player send "&aSuccessfully set new warp!" if {warp::%arg-1%} is set: send "&cThis warp already exist!" if arg-1 is not set: send "&6Usage: /warp <warp name>" This isn't the best but it works better than the one you have as now you don't have to make a Skript for every new warp... Hope this helps!
  22. So, I am trying to make an item that mines a certain block faster. Like I want it to show the breaking animation. I am trying to make a beacon breaker where there will be tiers and each tier breaks the beacon faster. Is there a way to do that with Skript?
  23. I don't see in anyway I can help you with this. This isn't even a full Skript and how are you suppose to fix an unfinished Skript? Please learn a little Skript yourself before asking for help. It's not that hard to understand how Skript works. There are tons of beginner tutorials out there you can learn from.
  24. Hey, try using %player's uuid% instead of just %player%. If you use %player%, they can change their IGN and they won't own the warps anymore as it saves their IGN instead of UUID.
  25. NotKaizo

    Player Limit

    It includes you and 19 other players which total 20 together.
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