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  1. Hailkr

    Unlinking Issues

    .... I mean your rank is Support. And also I cant get to that link,
  2. Hailkr

    Unlinking Issues

    Thats the thing, I see a link button. But not a unlink button, idk what acc its linked to. I want my acc unlinked from any minehut server, and I can't access that website because it says logging in. Then log in failed,
  3. Hailkr

    Unlinking Issues

    Nope, doesn't appear
  4. Hailkr

    Unlinking Issues

    Greetings, I would like my minecraft account to be unlinked to all minehut accounts.
  5. Minecraft Username: HailkrDiscord Name: Hailkr#5448Email Address: BumiMandias@gmail.comAge: 13Timezone: ESTCan you speak fluently in any over languages (Multilingual)? Just English-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have a microphone? NoDo you have the ability to record? Yes-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Hailkr

    Support Needed

    My server isn't starting.. It says downloading, then it starts to stop.. I need a support team,
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