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  1. YEFNA_Playzz

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    But wait how can I past it?
  2. YEFNA_Playzz

    Can’t join

    Ok so you want all the log file ?
  3. YEFNA_Playzz

    Can’t join

    Wait I’m sorry the link is not valid try this one : https://pastebin.com/kwW3kEta
  4. YEFNA_Playzz

    Can’t join

    I will provide it to you with a pastbin link : Https://pastebin.com/PcYFtYrj
  5. YEFNA_Playzz

    Can’t join

    The latest.log file?
  6. YEFNA_Playzz

    Can’t join

    So it’s been days I have this problem : when I start my server and then join , after 15-20s it kicks me and it says the following error in RED: "Could not connect to a default or fallback server , please try again later : io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectExeption" and then my server automatically shuts down! and I tried starting it and then join after 5min like this it completely starts but it did not work. I tried repairing the files and then force hibernation. But it did not work , my Java is updated , I tried also uninstalling and install Java back but it
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