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  1. its probably a bug or you aint at the correct Y level
  2. YodaForce157


    wrong category! you need to put it in suggestions
  3. how as i had same problem
  4. YodaForce157

    Plugins Not Working

    it automatically does it
  5. have you even googled it?
  6. but its not a often thing chatting
  7. oof i forgot to say i went to skript and they tested on their server and it worked so its minehut BUT i have seen a scoreboard refresh on minehut before
  8. do unipban name in the console orunban name
  9. YodaForce157

    I need help

    re-add the map with command blocks on
  10. what is it meant to save?
  11. restart or its you or like a skript that spawns a million mobs when you join or idk
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