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  1. No just a pc. How will i play java on a mobile device.
  2. Hey thanks for responding. No i have never gotten on any one of those accounts. I only own one account on Minecraft java. I dont use a VPN. Only on my phone for adblocking. Im not using public Wi-Fi cuz im at home lol.
  3. Username: WalidBigPro What Punishment did you receive: SirLouis11 Was the punishment fair: I'm not sure at this point Why should you be unpunished: I was never banned from this server before. When I joined the discord the mods told me it was because i was banned before so idk. What were the events that led to your punishment: Apparently i got banned before so now they banned me again but i haven't ever gotten banned until today. Additional comments: some kid was falsely accusing me of cheating today so idk if that has to do with the ban either. I dont use any hacks a
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