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  1. Mk. Any more info as of what its selling and what sellwands, and the prices for each item please
  2. every 1 minute: set {_entities} to number of all entities broadcast "&6&lClearLag &8» &fI cleared %{_entities}% entities!" loop all entities: if loop-entity isn't a player: delete loop-entity
  3. options: BC1: Welcome everyone new to the server! BC2: Hello everyone! BC3: You should totally do /buy BC4: You should eat BC5: Events hosted every 1 minute: loop all players: if loop-player is online: set {_bc} to a random integer between 1 and 5 if {_bc} is 1: send "&7[&4BROADCAST&7] {@BC1}" to loop-player if {_bc} is 2: send "&7[&4BROADCAST&7] {@BC2}" to loop-player if {_bc} is 3: send "&7[&4BROADCAST&7] {@BC3}" to loop-player if {_bc} is 4: send "&7[&4BROADCAST&7] {@BC4}" to loop-player if {_bc} is 5: send "&7[&4BROADCAST&7] {@BC5}" to loop-player
  4. command /dupe: trigger: if player's held item is air: send "&aDUPE &8» &aYou cannot dupe air!" to player else: if player's held item is enchanted golden apple: send "&aDUPE &8» &aThis item is blacklisted." to player else: give player player's held item
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