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  1. This isn't a server advertisement but rather a petty post to get back at a server over a glitch.
  2. State of the Network | November 2021 Hello again everyone and welcome to November's State of the Server post! Hmm.. that's not quite right, It's the first State of the Network post! Yes, that's right, Arcame is no-longer one server but now a whole network, we're currently in the process of developing this new network and getting past several hurdles such as making sure player data is shared across the network for all servers so that progress is saved. I can't say much about it at this time as we're still working hard behind the scenes on the Arcame Network. In other news, we recently did some restructuring to our discord server, fixed some permissions there and re-ordered some channels. Not much progress has been made due to this change but I would like to mention that we're going back to our original minigame concept and possibly even more in the future. We'll update you next month if any significant progress has been made on the network. Until then, we hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Team Arcame
  3. I've been here since 2016 and I love it, Unleashed made things so much better. The most OG here in this post right now is @luison
  4. Hello everyone, This is a post to give you an update on the state of the server so far. The new concept was changed again, hopefully for the final time.. This concept will be revealed in an upcoming announcement for the server's future if you're wondering what it is. A few hardware-related issues have prevented any progress from being made but it's fixed now and progress will be made shortly. An update to this post will be made if any major progress has been made this month, if not then we will put out a new State of the Server post in October to let you know if any progress has been made. Thank you for reading this short post. Team Arcame
  5. Hello everyone, This is a post to give you an update on the state of the server so far. Arcame is being completely redesigned with a new concept. We've made decent progress so far and will update this post if the content we have been working on is finished in time for this month. If not then we will put out a new State of the Server post in August updating you if the content is done. We're still quite far off from releasing Version 2.0, also known as the redesign update. Thanks for reading, Team Arcame and OWNER MasterBroNetwork.
  6. The code is undergoing a complete rewrite due to issues with it's implementation.
  7. MasterBroNetwork

    server slots

    A server slot is a slot for another server on your Minehut account so now you have 5 more servers on your account.
  8. I appreciate the reaction @mentalelmo
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