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  1. Just having fun.

    1. TheBeagles1848


      Hey, how can I go to your server.


  2. I was trying to find any updated skript javascript add-ons to suggest but I couldn't find any.
  3. Hey I was wondering, Is it possible to disable essentials without removing it? Or at least some of the essentials features/add-ons? Thanks
  4. Dear Minehut Team, I would like to suggest a new plugin called Scriptcraft (https://github.com/walterhiggins/ScriptCraft) with this plugin you can code in javascript to create wonderful creations. It allows players to get a new opportunity to code in a new language sense Skript does not have any extensions for Javascript. I hope you guys / girls can understand, And I thank you for all of your time reading this. Talk to you guys later. - Sebastian (MT_Sinbad)
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