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  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VjZDqAN-msFPu3aUEc3ltfuplFBwFffhkk6zuDsjs2k/edit?usp=sharing It has almost everything LuckPerms, Pex, and more! I'm still working on it, I've worked on it for roughly an hour. I'm still adding more. Note: I forgot to say in my previous thread, I'm staying on the forums. (EDIT 2: OPEN SOURCE DOCUMENT RELEASED » bit.ly/woflyosplhelp)
  2. Well, I'm still going to play, but I'll be extremely inactive. I was considering buying a rank earlier on, and I'm happy I didn't because I genuinely dislike most of the server now. If I can't find a new platform, I'll probably stop using my own servers until Minehut isn't a dumpster fire full of crap like glitches and inactive users. I understand, the admins don't control this, Super League does, so I'm going to ask them to send a follow request to go in deeper, because nearly 3 of my friends page is inactive. Some of the commands I was so used to like /party and /f (/friend) were just removed. I'm staying in contact on the forums and I'm trying to notify the staff team on my servers about it. [WoflyIsHere]
  3. This week, I decided that I was done with Minehut. The server had bot attacks every other day, and the latency was crazy. I hate most of the players because they just start there server and go away from their computer and it prevents other servers from starting due to the low capacity. l no longer will be active on WoflyServ, WoflySMP or any other of my servers. Thank you too all of my friends who supported me while I still played, but I'm looking for a new server to fix this gap. I've been loving the player, it was one of my favorite, but then when it was sold, it got more players, which meant more latency and they never heightened the capacity. I really thank you all though, and still will join every now and then. Again, thank you to all my friends that supported me on this journey of 3 years, ItsEvil, TigerLion789, all of my other friends (can't remember off of the top of my head), Thank You. [Edit; Spelling] [Edit 2: I'm still playing Minecraft and I still will be hosting my own server(s). You can still find me on mc.hypixel.net under the username WoflyIsHere or WoflyPvP.]
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