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  1. 100 is an understatement for what this would realistically be if you actually wanted to make this with functions n stuff, but yes, 5000 lines is quite a lot
  2. Note: This was for my server, so you're going to have to edit the coordinates according to your map. This uses structure blocks to save the maps. Also, they may not be made the best, but they're working with a few bugs. Also, I realize you have to scroll a lot. Main Games Skript on join: add player to {queue::*} message "&cQueue> &7You have automatically been added to the queue. If you wish to not be in the queue, do /queue." wait 4 ticks clear player's inventory set player's gamemode to adventure execute console command "/effect clear %player%" on quit: remove pla
  3. summon zombie at player set helmet of last spawned zombie to iron helmet loop {list::*}: summon zombie at loop-value set helmet of last spawned zombie to iron helmet
  4. To do nothing makes it unstealable. If you want them to be able to grab it, simply don't put anything on the end (for tuske). For skquery, you may also have to not have anything, or just put to close.
  5. I've made one, but it's not customizable easily (e.g. with commands), and it uses structure blocks according to my server's map. If you would like the basics of the code, reply/quote my post.
  6. Hello there and thank you for taking interest in becoming a staff member for HD Minigames. In order to apply, you must follow the format provided below. Failure to do this will result in an instant denial. How old are you? What country are you from and what time zone are you in? What is your Discord username and id (Ex: hapily#1045)? Do you have any previous staffing experience? If so, where and what did you do? Why do you want to join the staff team? Are you currently a staff member on another server? How many hours
  7. hapily


    That's for detecting the yaw and pitch, you would need to teleport to update the entities, as I stated here:
  8. hapily


    I've asked on the Minehut Discord and people said that it wasn't possible with the resources we currently have. I searched through the Skript docs and didn't find anything else that could do this unfortunately.
  9. hapily


    I've done some digging, and apparently Skellett includes a lot of the features that RandomSK has, but one of the missing ones is this. Supposedly you can do this by teleporting the entity, but that would cause a lot of hitches. I cannot find the original download link, so I believe that is the only working one.
  10. hapily


    https://skripttools.net/addons?q=RandomSK I would like this to be added so that I can change an entity's yaw and pitch.
  11. hapily


    Hello! I believe that this addon should be added so that we could do more things in skript. The main feature I'm looking forward to using it for is for when you equip and un-equip an armor piece. This will help if you're trying to change the enchantment of that item or just trying to do something in general to it. https://forums.skunity.com/resources/sharpsk-1-8-1-12.72/
  12. This is where you release skript. If you need help go to the discussion section.
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