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  1. it goes like this command /loganpaul: trigger: execute command(?): effect give * minecraft:jump_boost 100 10] pls fix my mistakes
  2. so guys! i decided to start my server SKOPYY14! ip is: skoppy14.minehut.gg server starter as kit pvp, then a hacker came on then i gave op to too much pepole, then i got banned started whitelist and downloaded skript, server is in DEVELOPMENT so wait a couple time
  3. Muffin

    no wait

    since my last topic was locked before i said something (btw trent thanks for replying) im asking how can i use freenom.com to get my ip?... if a mod/jmod/admin/whatever lockes this, im gonna jump into lava in MC https://media.giphy.com/media/AjYsTtVxEEBPO/giphy.gif
  4. hello there minehut staff team, i have wanted to make a minehut server for a whilem and when i made servers i sew that .minehut.gg ip, i whould suggest an option to buy an .gg only domain name, it should be like 5-9 bucks? well idk, but i just thng a custon ip whould be nice
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