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  1. Missyeru

    Who is Jackson?

    Well done. You have narrowed it down a lot but you have a few possible errors in your conclusion. I will confirm that I am not Trent but is deeph really a dev or is he just an admin? Think about it. Also the key word in your Benny and molly reasoning is the word probably. Just because something is likely does not mean that it is 100% accurate. Good luck and may the conspiracy be in your favor.
  2. Missyeru

    Who is Jackson?

    Molly is a robot, she can read binary.
  3. I give you 3 months to hit 1000k posts! I believe in you!
  4. I got my air conditioning in my car fixed and they did it for FREEEEE
  5. Missyeru

    Who is Jackson?

    Good detective work!! He posted another Code we need to crack! I will say tho Deeph isn't a Minehut Dev - He's a Super League TV Shoutcaster and producer.
  6. Thanks for being one of our great Mods!! We are lucky to have ya!
  7. That's a lot of Jacksons. You're also more than half way to 1000 posts!
  8. Michael and Trent, you look a little split.... ya ok?
  9. This is the kind of quality content I've come to expect from Jackson85!
  10. Ok... but have you see Red Heelers?
  11. Oh this is hard. My favorite series that got me into reading is Harry Potter. Some other books I LOVE are goes as follows: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong. - It's a futuristic book where people have superhuman enhancements, and social network has turned into Big Brother. People only watch live streams, and everyone live streams. Forging Hephaestus by Drew Hayes: It's a series about a Villain's Code, and how Villains and Heroes have a balance in the world. This one is a live series, so it's not complete yet, and I can not wait for the sequel. Geek Love by Katherine Dunn: A Geek is the person in the circus that bites the chicken's head off, and it's a story on how the Geek and the Ring leader genetically modify their children to keep the 'freak show' profitable. I read this book in High school and think about it probably weekly.
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