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  1. Free Tickets to Player Omega in Pomona, CA, Nov 9th & 10th What is Player Omega?! http://www.playeromega.gg Its a Gaming, music, food and fashion festival at the Fairplex! Super League will have a 5,000 sqf space with computers set up to play Minecraft, Fortnite, and League of Legends! We'll have the daily raffles to win Nintendo Switches as well! Fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shrsQQ0CuApR6U7cj If you and your friends and family would like to go for FREE for being memebers of the Minehut & Super League Community just fill out the form above! You'll need to fill it out for everyone that needs a free ticket! See ya there!
  2. Thank you for everyone that entered our first ever Minehut Pumpkin contest. We had over 30 submissions!! _Rascal - 1000 Credits - Sherlerton - 500 Credits - Mucadush - 500 Credits - Speczzs - 500 Credits - GreasyPlayzWM - 500 Credits! We had over 40 votes between Minehut and Super League Staff! We'll be keeping up all the pumpkin submissions in the office until Halloween! Keep your eyes peeled for more contests later this year!
  3. Tomorrow 10/24 11:00PM PST Is the deadline to submit your Minehut Pumpkin drawings! Winners will be voted on by Minehut Staff, and Super League Staff. Winner announced Friday 10/25 before 6PM PST. All photos will be printed and framed and added to the Gallery at Super League HQ You must have a pumpkin + the Minehut logo somewhere in your art. Everything else is up to interpretation Submit here: https://airtable.com/shrrP6XJhG1icbwoH
  4. Draw your best version of the Minehut logo on a pumpkin, in MS paint, Photoshop, with markers, in Minecraft or whatever creative medium you want. 1st place will win 1000 Minehut credits 2nd -5th will win 500 Minehut credits Contest ends 10/24 11:00PM PST All of our favorites will be printed out and added to the Minehut Pumpkin Gallery at the Super League Headquarters. Submission Form: https://airtable.com/shrrP6XJhG1icbwoH
  5. Missyeru


    My parents once gave away all my favorite candy to the Trick or Teaters so I tricked them by TPing our house. I'm flying home this weekend, maybe i'll do it again for the funzies.
  6. Confirmed Molly and Ashley are robot dogs.
  7. Missyeru

    Who is Jackson?

    Well done. You have narrowed it down a lot but you have a few possible errors in your conclusion. I will confirm that I am not Trent but is deeph really a dev or is he just an admin? Think about it. Also the key word in your Benny and molly reasoning is the word probably. Just because something is likely does not mean that it is 100% accurate. Good luck and may the conspiracy be in your favor.
  8. Missyeru

    Who is Jackson?

    Molly is a robot, she can read binary.
  9. I give you 3 months to hit 1000k posts! I believe in you!
  10. I got my air conditioning in my car fixed and they did it for FREEEEE
  11. Missyeru

    Who is Jackson?

    Good detective work!! He posted another Code we need to crack! I will say tho Deeph isn't a Minehut Dev - He's a Super League TV Shoutcaster and producer.
  12. Thanks for being one of our great Mods!! We are lucky to have ya!
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