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  1. Ah. I know it's probably impossible to tell when it'll be back up, but do you have an estimate? (e.g. later today, tomorrow, next century, etc.) Thanks for the response, by the way.
  2. Hi. I've been encountering an issue with my server where I cannot download my world files. performing the /dl world world command, is met with "Failed to upload file" after about a minute or so. Same for /dl world world_the_end. On the other hand, however, when I perform /dl logs, or /dl world world_the_nether, instead of receiving the "Failed to upload file" message, I get a message saying the file was uploaded, but however, it really wasn't due to it not being able to save the metadata. The exact message was "Done! Download it here: Could not save metadata" or something along those lines. Any help is much appreciated.
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