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  1. hello i was just wondering if there was any way to make this skript smaller so it looks better on place of beehive: send "&2Drill&7 >> You Placed a Drill" set {_dig} to the location under event-block set {block} to block at {_dig} set block at {_dig} to air wait 15 ticks set {_dig} to the location east of {_dig} loop 10 times: set {block} to block at {_dig} set block at {_dig} to air wait 15 ticks set {_dig} to the location south of {_dig} set {block} to block at {_dig} set block at {_dig} to air wait 15 ticks set {_dig} to the location west of {
  2. iI made a staff lel command staff: trigger: add blaze rod named "&6&lMage &eStaff" with lore " " and "&6Item Ability: Rampage &e&lSHIFT RIGHT CLICK" and "&7Gain &a10 Hearts&7 and get" and "&cStrength 10&7 for 60 seconds" and "&8Cooldown: &3120 Seconds" and " " and "&6Item Ability: Flight &e&lSHIFT LEFT CLICK" and "&7Gain &5Levitation&7 for 15 seconds" and "&7and &fSlow Falling &7for 30 seconds" and "&7After Levitation" and "&8Cooldown: &390 Seconds" and " " and "&6Item Ability:
  3. anyone know how to make a world all water with lo land and no villages
  4. dis my skript rn I kinda fell like it is not a AI though it is very user needed and I am thinking of adding a math mode to it to do things like 453 x 124 and stuff on join: if {joins::*} does not contain uuid of player: delete {ainame::%uuid of player%} wait 50 ticks add uuid of player to {joins::*} set Join message to "&a+ &7 %player%" wait 50 ticks send "&dNAME&7 >> Please type my name is chat" wait 15 ticks send "&dBOT&7 >> You Can Change This Later With &c/ai setname"
  5. Boxmonkey

    AI system

    I saw some one had mentioned on a post a AI System and I was wondering if it would even could be done is skript.
  6. I believe I have mad the basic command for you if you have any problem's message me on discord - Boxmonk#2099 command /vote [<player>]: usage: &c&lUsage &7>> /vote (Player) trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "&c&lVoting &7>> Please put in a player name" to player else: if {voted::%uuid of player%} is not set: set {voted::%uuid of player%} to 100 if {votes::%uuid of arg-1%} is equal to {Votes}: broadcast "&6&lVoting &7>> %player% &am
  7. It looks like you did not format the diamond kit right. I Believe I have fixed it for you if you have not already. command /kitui: permission: kitlook trigger: open virtual chest with size 1 named "KITS" to player format gui slot 0 of player with paper named "&bStarter Kit" to run: execute player command "/kit starter" format gui slot 1 of player with iron ingot named "&bIron Kit" to run: if player has 10 emeralds: if player has permission "ironkit": remove 10 emerald from player's in
  8. im trying to make a snow ball lancer to kill ender man but every time them teleport away. is there any why to stop this?
  9. I have don that and it worked thank you
  10. I'm tryin to make a skript where when you kill the dragon it will say things to the player
  11. so i added a line that sends the number and the number is 1.47 and i only want it to be a whole number
  12. i am trying to make a server that has many spawn and will randomly pick one for the person to go and i can get 1 to work but 2 cant here is my code command /addspawn: permission: spawn.add trigger: add 1 to {number} set {spawnloc::%{number}%} to location of player add {spawnloc::%{number}%} to {spawns::*} send "&a → &7There Are Currently %{number}%&7 Spawn Locations Set" send "&a → &7%{spawnloc::%{number}%}%&7 IS Now A Spawn Location" command /clearspawns: permission: spawn.clear trigger: set {num
  13. i need help making it so that when some one places a block it gets added to there block count but when someone else breaks it it get removed for the per hoe placed it down block count If You Need More Info Add Me On Discord -- Boxmonk#6969
  14. I know but didn't really know what he wanted
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