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  1. Everyone around you is like you, but different physically. Don't be embarrassed, scared or anxious. We all think the same and we only think about our own pathways. Nothing really bothers us if it's embarrassing for someone else..
  2. ok then im the only one who likes halloween xD
  3. It's not pink panther, sadly lol
  4. Ok, guess the object: CLUE ONE: You find shades of pink on it. CLUE TWO: In the name there is a letter p. CLUE THREE: The name has a herb/spice in it. CLUE FOUR: It is a toy. What is it? Guess below. First one to guess it gets... Uh... a... free sapling from me in MineHut.
  5. So, recently i believe the new feature to disable and enable finding has been released. I like this feature and i think it is progress from Minehut. However there are some cons with the feature i will be discussing today. The first issue with it is that people had 1 main way of locating other players and connecting as a community. This was the command /find, it linked us all up and made it easy to find people and play with them. Now this is taken away the community feels more split up. This makes minehut's star quality (the community) feel less real now. I think this feature should be for staff only. My suggestion is to make it this because then staff have more privacy and have a decision if they want to be a popular public person or a more quiet calm person without any messages coming in all the time. They may also wish to play alone without people finding them and messaging them constantly can they play. This doesn't happen with normal players in most cases because they get less attention than staff. There is my suggestion. It's completely up to you if you want to take it into account. I fully stand with this point and i think it would be better as a staff only feature. Thanks for taking the time to read this. - TastqHalloween
  6. Oh my god i didn't understand the question so i put the opposite answers of what i actually wanted to put.. im hopeless....
  7. Minehut is a gripping network with endless possibilities. The reason it gets players is because there is constantly new things to do with no limits. People can keep designing new games and put their ideas to the public and they are provided with a large and sustainable playerbase which never goes away. This is why minehut is so good at what it serves.
  8. Yeh, they're increasing capacity on tue 5pm GMT+1 for me.
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