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  1. TastqHalloween


    Why, that would be a misuse of threads etc and discord is much, much easier dude.
  2. Not really any detail on this suggestion for people to actually understand it...
  3. I had this problem before, it may be or may not be one of your plugins. This could also be because of an overload or something try /pl ingame and check if any are red, if not then it may be a 1.15 glitch with the plugins, try reloading the config of them before and after restarting this worked for me.
  4. What plugins do you have? This may give an indication to what caused it to prevent it from happening again.
  5. TastqHalloween


    Tactical it would be wonderful if i could actually contact you in some way so we could talk ngl
  6. I think this would be a decent idea.
  7. Do it with skript, watch the minehut skript tutorials on the youtube channel and it shows basic commands, or just look at any tutorial.
  8. Do /pl and check if any of your plugins are red. They should all be green.
  9. Yes, when setting their plot permission (hopefully you are using plotsquared) then you set it to "plots.plot.1" on your permission plugin for the default group. This will allow them to only claim 1 plot.plots.plot.4
  10. I recommend making a /spawn with skript. Here is how i do it. It's much easier and requires 1 plugin, skript. You simply create a new file in the skripts folder named spawn.sk and paste this in and you are done. command setspawn: permission: * permission message: &cInsufficient permissions. trigger: set {spawn} to player's location command spawn: cooldown: 5 seconds cooldown message: &cSlow down there! trigger: teleport player to {spawn} send "&aTeleported to spawn!" play sound "entity_arrow_hit_player" with volume 20000 and pitch 2 for player at player
  11. And it can be taken as a competitor because of the potential it has. It's basically using minehut to grow and then going out expanding and becoming a Minehut competitor, the only thing stopping this from happening is Tactical with his personality. If you can't see that theyre using minehut for growth, ram and all that then i don't know what to say...
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