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    Why you gotta make me jealous? I'm still in school
  2. Hello! We are glad you are interested in applying for UltraGamin. To proceed click here.
  3. He's a pretty good guy as well.
  4. Kailum @_Rascal He's a very great guy and is fun to be around. He's also a very terrific artist. @BennyDoesStuff Very awesome guy. Having DoesStuff used to be the thing before the Rascalian Family and then we all found out what Benny's true identity was, a robot.
  5. Sorry if I am late but happy birthday
  6. Kailum

    Follow me

    Already did.
  7. Kailum

    Follow me

    Nah, follow me
  8. When appealing an active punishment, you must have the following. Minecraft Username: Type of punishment (Mute/Ban): Punishment Reason: Was your punishment fair? (If it was unfair, please include any sort of evidence and tell us why it was not fair and why we should unpunish you): Note: Please do not ask staff to review your appeal. If you ask staff to review an appeal you will get automatically denied. If your appeal gets denied, you may reappeal in 5 days.
  9. When reporting a user, please include the following. Player's IGN: Reason: Evidence:
  10. Kailum

    Not a noob

    You're one percent more a noob than I am hehe.
  11. Yup, time goes by pretty quickly
  12. Denied the denial of the denial of the denial
  13. Kailum


    Lol I remember you showing that
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