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  5. Kailum

    Oi, mods!

    Topic answered. Locked
  6. I've had a lot of previous names not sure you'd remember me from in game or on the forums but I do remember the posts you had on the old forums.
  7. I am Kailum and I am a Minehut Junior Moderator. I just joined an hour ago and the server is pretty good so keep at it!
  8. Looking forward to seeing new faces
  9. Kailum


    a Lamborghini sponsored by Minehut
  10. Kailum


    "I shall conquer this Planet and make every lifeform on Earth obey me!"
  11. Kailum


    A planet 1000000000 million light years away from Earth,
  12. Kailum

    Do you remember...

    I do remember that, KungFuKirky was Helper during that time. Do you remember when there was PvP in the lobby?
  13. Whaaaat's up Minehut Alert nation I'm your host KillerKailum. Let's get rooooiiiight into the news!!!
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  15. Hello! We thank you for your time and consideration to apply to the Deny staff team. Before you proceed with your application, please read the following. Expectations -Must have Moderation experience. -Must have a microphone. -Must be 13 years or older to apply. -Must not have a major punishment history on either Deny or Minehut. -Must be somewhat mature. -If you are caught lying in your application, you may be denied from future applications. -Must have at least 250 words in your application. -Don't complain about your results. -Don't have answers like "I like to ban hackers". -If you get denied, you may reapply in the next 5 days. Application Format Minecraft Username: Discord Tag (Ex, Person#0000): Age: Timezone: How much time can you contribute to Deny? What made you choose to apply here? What experience have you had on servers being a staff member, and what was your role? Have you been punished on any server in the past? Scenarios It's your first week as a Junior Moderator and bots start to raid the server, what do you do? You see a staff member with a higher ranking than you abusing their power, how would you handle this situation? Someone is abusing glitches, how would you handle this? Someone is spamming the N word in chat, which punishment would you give the user and what reason would be for the punishment? Optional Anything else you would like add? Once submitting an application, you automatically agree to the terms above.
  16. When it comes to resetting, make sure you go to Dangerzone and press Reset All. From there you have to stop your server and your server should be reset after you have done the steps listed. If you wish to play on your server from 1.8 - 1.14.2, you can install the plugin Protocol Support and you should then be able to play versions 1.8 - 1.14.2 on your server.
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