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  1. Ah yes, alternative post of Lock this post. The memory of Lock this post will forever be with all of us. Question is, shall I lock this post? Nahh
  2. You read the title, this is the sequel to my old post about a year back but yeah rules are simple. DON'T REPLY TO THIS POST
  3. I mean I don't want to but.... you didn't lock my post a few months back soooo I might have to do it
  4. If you decide to report a user that is breaking our server rules, please consider the following below. Keep in mind that creating a false/joke report may result in banishment from accessing this club. Reporting a Player When reporting a user that is breaking the rules of Atrosity, please consider the use of uncropped/unedited screenshots and make sure your report is done by taking a screenshot directly from Minecraft than taking a picture from another device such as your phone. We want to make sure our evidence in our reports are as clear as can be. If you are reporting someone for an offense such as using a hacked client, then please make sure you record the incident with a screen recorder as screenshots will be marked as invalid and will not be accepted. Player's Name: Offense: Evidence: Additional Information: Click here to report a player!
  5. I'm dressed up as Minehut Senior Moderator Kailum
  6. Congrats and welcome to the Minehut staff team!
  7. Only reason it isn’t anymore is cause it was on the forumsgg forums.
  8. And the answer is... Kailum (Father of 'Lock this post')
  9. Kailum


    Don't misuse categories. Locked and Moved to Community Support
  10. Kailum


    Moved to Suggestions
  11. You became staff on my thanksgiving, grats.
  12. What keeps you on Minehut? What keeps me on Minehut is enforcing the server's rules and to also help out players when they are at need. I also enjoy playing on some people's player servers in my spare time. What kind of plans do you have on Minehut (things you're doing or want to do) To keep finding ways to improve as a staff member. We all make mistakes, including myself. Mistakes are what make you better in life and that's what i want to do. I want to work towards improvement if needed. Things you like about Minehut Minehut is a server where you get to show your creativity. Everyone involved with the project works very hard on keeping it stable and I appreciate the time and sweat they donate for the project. Back before I ever joined Minehut, I was looking everywhere for an excellent free server host. Then when I found Minehut on YouTube, I tried it out and it was best one I ever used. If you ever got bored of playing the same server every day, you could try a new one and it was an amazing experience to be in. To the present day, Minehut has improved. Minehut now has a panel to make management with your server simpler than before and more plugins were added to the mix. Speaking of plugins, they're also free now which is another thing I love about Minehut. Some people never had the chance to use some of the plugins provided in the plugins list, because they didn't have enough credits. But now they could try out the plugins they couldn't try before. Something you would change about/on Minehut and how you would change it Not too sure if this answers this question however if I ever was given the opportunity to change one thing about anything on Minehut, I'd say to bring back the trampoline cosmetic. Favorite memory on Minehut. The answer to this question can vary. My favourite memory may be the 2016 days when Benny was a Junior Moderator while we had the other OG staff such as Tricks, KungFuKirky, _C02, Vovl, Depthing, etc... Another favourite memory could also be when everyone used the items from the Elimination 3v3 gamemode to find easter eggs in the lobby. Anything else you want to share! Not at the current, but I will share screenshots I have of me and some other people bouncing on the trampoline cosmetic.
  13. Good luck to the applicants. Looking forward to seeing new faces around here.
  14. Good luck to everyone applying for the position
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