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  1. my favourite staff: (havent found one yet)

    least favourite staff: kailum




  2. thanks for moving it and not DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM

    1. Kailum


      Was only asking at the time in case to make the process easier, no need to come at me rudely.

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  3. thanks for moving it and not DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM

    1. Kailum


      If you read my second part of my reply, then you'd see I asked you something. Answer that for me, please and thank you.

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  4. Hey, I need your support


    1. Kailum


      Head over to Help. As I said, I'm absent from Minehut until further notice.

  5. yo ik you got a job and all but i was wondering if u could unmute me?

     I got muted for 11 decades lol

    My username is:fiber456

    I got muted for 'Comp advertising' i didnt even do anything D: , thanks 

    1. Kailum


      Appeal in Player Appeals with the player appeal format included.

  6. Minecraft Username: Anhilat3

    Discord Tag  Anhilat3#7309

    Punishment Type (mute/ban):Ban 

    Punishment Length: 10 Decades 10 Years 12 Months 4 Weeks 4 Hours 42 Minutes and 32 Seconds

    Punishment Reason: I was punished for "Predatory Behavior"

    When were you punished? 5/19/2/

    Do you believe that your punishment was fair?

    Yes and no, I believe the punishment was fair, but the time I am banned is not

    Why should we revoke your punishment?

    The reason my punishment should be revoked is because I have learned my lesson, during the time I have been banned I realized I should not take advantage of the server I have access to, and I will be more careful next time, I also just want to play on my friends server I spent a lot of time on.

    Do you understand that if you ask staff members to review your appeal, it will result in denial? I

    Yes I do.

    1. Kailum


      Post that in Player Appeals, not my status.

  7. Tuna without the mayo is really dry. I find this discovery quite alarming and concerning. As far as my knowledge goes, Tuna is from the sea, and the last thing the sea would be is dry, so why is something from the sea so dry? I'm so conflicted. 

    I need to sit down and reconsider a few things...

  8. Found a cool rock today, gonna keep it on my desk.
    Share a picture of it? I ain't sharing my rock. It's mine. Get your own!

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