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  1. TheRealCrit


    this is the most pog post on all of the mh forums
  2. also demote UntitledGoose
  3. I actually just deleted Skellett and that fixed everything!
  4. Use this: command /test: trigger: play sound "sound name here (something like 'block.note_block.pling')" at volume 1 at pitch 2 to player
  5. I think you may have to just simply make the .schem file into a GZIP file.
  6. This didn't work (and I tried resetting the config for all of my addons)... I have the addons: SkQuery skRayFall Skellett SkBee
  7. for me i tried installing QuerySk and RayfallSk it worked with those not HilariouSK or JokeSk
  8. I have about 10 enabled scripts, and on chatformat.sk (which handles chat format) it gives me a strange error. This also happens on board.sk (which handles the sidebar) with the same error. I've even tried restarting my server after deleting and recreating both files, but nope, there's still that error. Logs: https://controlc.com/17f5de1f
  9. so do you need the addon 'JokeSk' for this?
  10. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly.
  11. My Minehut server won't start, and I've tried everything I can to fix it. I've deleted unnecessary files, removed things in Skript that may be making it lag, and even tried the 'Repair Core Files' option. Here's the log: https://pastebin.com/MXMYfPzZ Crash report: https://pastebin.com/pUY781LB
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