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  1. just ask me if it works or not. if it doesn't I will think about something else
  2. You could prob do something like "loop-player is wearing leather boots named "&eSpeedy Boots" with hidden attributes:" idek if this will work but I hope it did!
  3. So I need some help on making a drill enchant. it is where it increases your blocks on break by 2x each level I can't find a script on the web and idk how to do it. Send a script that has no leveling system with it. because I will do it. make it a 2x2 cube for your script. This might be a very big server and I am waiting to make people have fun!
  4. also here is the code command /tokens [<string>] [<player>] [<number>]: aliases: "/token" permission: "tokens.sk" trigger: if arg-1 is "give": give arg-3 to {tokens::%player%} send "&6Added %arg-3% to %arg-2%" to player
  5. so I am trying to make a token skript but all I get is this annoying error What I am trying to do is to add argument to variable to argument (player argument) uuid I am so confused, lol
  6. No it's a hypixel skyblock weapon....
  7. So I want to make a Aote (Aspect of the End) script but IDK how to make the teleport system... can some give the code for it?
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