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  1. You can always use holographic display and holographic extensions
  2. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    Oh my gosh, sorry i just realised you said uSkyblock in the first message
  3. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    Here are the logs: https://pastebin.com/uXPzD5tt
  4. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    Come back it doesnt work
  5. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    Do i need to be on a older version or..........
  6. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    wait wait wait it doesnt work Edit ------------------ ERROR: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command Please come back
  7. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    alr tysm hope for the best of everything for minehut
  8. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    In plugin it shows as red which means that the plugin doesnt work but i will send u as soon as possible
  9. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    WAIT! IT WAS UPDATED! OMG I DIDNT KNOW Update: It wasnt updated it doesn't work.
  10. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    May i get a response please!
  11. UziPlex

    Skywars Plugin

    Hello i would like to request a skywars plugin to be added to the minehut network! Plugin name: SkywarsReloaded UPDATED Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skywarsreloaded-updated-recoded-1-16-support-new-features-1-8x-1-16x.69436/ Plugin description: One of the best free skywars plugins that should be added to the minehut network with very big configuration and multi arenas!
  12. UziPlex

    Duels Addons

    Hello i would like to request 3 exetenstions for the plugin Duels! Extension Name: Placeholders Extension Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/duels-extension-placeholders.59161/ Extension About: This plugin is a extension for the plugin duels that uses placeholders and makes for making scoreboards for duels like opponent, opponents health, Kit, Arena, Duration, Rating Price: Free _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Extension Name: Leaderboards Extension Link: https://www.spigot
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