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Hello, my name is Austin I've been skripting for about a year now. I haven't been doing servers lately due to depression 🖤. I am someone who does like to help people and I will do what ever I can do to help. I also own a skript help discord that doesn't allow sending to docs unless you can't explain it in a term that others understand.


DIscord: (SkHelp) https://discord.gg/2gPtGST
Owners: Squidddle and Graphick2



LMAOWY - Advance Survival (Working On)
ChamberOne - One In The Chamber/Quiver (On Hold)
SkHelp - Server that is linked with the discord server (W.I.P)
WallBuildR -  Idle Wall Tycoon server (Major W.I.P)
Needing Idea - I need an idea for another server (Ideas Needed)

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