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  1. I dont have proof of course I dont. I did not even know it happened until I went on my server a few weeks ago. now this was not helpful.



  2. You can join my server in the lobby of minehut with the command /join villagesu2
  3. to join this server use villagesu2.minehut.gg in the add server.
  4. first of all he broke the rule of trying to ddos the entirety of minehut. second of all he spammed tnt on one of my servers whitch is edfactions but it is offline and im on villagesu whutch is my other server.
  5. and then he said he was going to ddos my server whitch means he was going to shut down minehut for good. but he was jokeing when i woke up and msged his sister
  6. ok i understand that i game his sister my minehut server consle
  7. this users minecraft username is lzxf and he is trying to ddos me
  8. edwardplayz

    lobby issue

    the lobby is muted and is broken
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