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  1. Builders Needed We need people who experience in world edit they will make map terrain. We need builders they will make the maps.
  2. Player world ban (luckperms) /wpb sends player to the banned world then gives them banned rank and they cant leave the world.
  3. If you got discord could you tell me the progress? Detective#1783
  4. Capture the flag script Right click item to join the game. Get auto-balanced to a team and the round starts has to get both flags and basic stuff. But can you make it have shops for powerups or weapons? After every round their inventory gets cleaned and get tped back to spawn.
  5. Basically command like /wban the player gets ranked BANNED (LuckyPerms) and they then get sent to a selected position or world.
  6. Can you make a script so when a player gets banned (using a custom command) they get teleported to a world?
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