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  1. Hello BruhSpaghetti,First of all, I'd like to thank you upon showing interest in applying at TapeMH.We're extremely open to all our members, and having you or anybody for that matter apply meansthat helping is one of your many interests.I have been highly interested in reading all applicationsand have come to the decision to Accept your application for these reasons below:● We currently feel you're ready for our Trainee position.● Experience and knowledge of moderationWe feel you are ready for the staff position because of your experience in the staff field. We expect you to keep up the good-standards when you become staff.Things to improve on may include: ● Views on scenariosThank you for applying here at TapeMH! You will receive your rank in-game soon.If you have any questions or want additional information about the responseto your application, please be sure to contact an available staff member!Yours sincerely, Manager, StqrBuckss!
  2. Welcome to TapeMH! Written by StqrBuckss - 23/12/2019 Welcome to TapeMH! I am pleased to announced that our server has now fully released! Great well done to Koronotchi for coding everything that makes up the sumo arena as it is. But I guess you may be wondering.. what is TapeMH? Well, it is a 1v1v1v1 sumo server where you can fight with your friends, make an alliance with strangers or even fight for the top.. the sky's the limit! and well uh- the water at the bottom of the arena... We currently have 1 sumo arena but are looking at making more in the future. Stay tuned in further announcements for more on this. Staff Applications are OPEN! Apply now at- https://forums.minehut.com/forum/597-applications/ If you happen to find any bugs while playing on our server please report it to a member of staff, abusing the bug will result in a ban from our server! Current Staff List: Koronotchi - Owner StqrBuckss - Manager Lotix - Mod Knazamn - Trial-Mod Discord Link: https://discord.gg/CSwnKtE Server IP: tapemh.minehut.gg (/join tapemh in lobby) Forums Link: https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/521-tapemh/ Thanks for reading!
  3. When applying, please use this format. Basic Info Your IGN » First name (optional) » Age » Moderating Experience » Why you should be chosen to become staff » Why we should choose you over other applicants » Timezone » Punishment History » Discord (eg. User#0000) » Scenarios What would you do if a staff members account got hacked? What would you say/do? » If a younger player was spamming after being verbally warned by another player, what would you do? How would you react? » A bot attack occurs with 50+ accounts spamming, you don’t have the correct permissions to deal with this properly, who do you tell? What do you say to the community? » A player is hackusating another player, what do you say? » Extra Info Do you speak any other languages » Do you understand not to harass any staff member about your application » What do you do outside Minecraft » Ratings Please be honest and state a number between 1-10 Maturity » Social/Team Skills » Experience » Moderating Knowledge » Any applications that don't use this format will be instantly denied.
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