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  1. I wanted to make sure that people with the following; badlion, blazingpack, lunar, and more wouldn't be able to scroll up etc,
  2. Chloe30k


    Why tf would you cry about losing your mc and discord account... ;-;
  3. They... put examples just look into it.
  4. Hello! So I made this because yeah I was bored! I hope you enjoy! command /clearchat: aliases: /cc, /chatc, /clearc trigger: clearChat(player) wait 5 tick broadcast "&7(&c!&7) &6Chat Has Been Cleared By %player%" Function clearChat(p: player): loop 5000 times: broadcast "" This is my first time using functions! Sorry if it doesn't work :C
  5. Hello! So today I made a staff chat skript because I felt like it, enjoy! options: permission: sc.use pdn: %player's display name% pm: &7(&c!&7) &cYou don't have enough permissions you need {@permission} to use staff chat. prefix: &7[&6STAFFCHAT&7] &8» command /staffchat [<text>]: aliases: /sc, /schat, /staffc permission: {@permission} permission message: {@pm} trigger: loop all players: if loop-player has permission "{@permission}": send "{@prefix} {@pdn}
  6. options: min.x: -250 #DO NOT TOUCH! max.x: 250 #DO NOT TOUCH! min.z: -250 #DO NOT TOUCH! max.z: 250 #DO NOT TOUCH! avoid: air or water block or lava block or stone block or sandstone block or mossy cobblestone block or dirt block perm: sparx.wild #CHANGE TO YOUR PERMISSION! cooldown: 1 second #CHANGE TO YOUR COOLDOWN! (Formats: second/s, minute/s, hour/s, day/s) Command /wild: permission: {@perm} trigger: set {_waited} to difference between {wild.%player%.lastused} and now if {_waited} is less than {@cooldown}:
  7. on walk on cobblestone: chance of 5%: loop blocks in radius 5 around player: if loop-block is air: if block above loop-block is air: add loop-block's location to {_locs::*} set {_loc} to random element of {_locs::*} spawn a zombie at {_loc}
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