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  1. I've encountered an issue in the plugins section. Most plugins people suggest: Don't come with a link Are not supported for 1.15 Are a private plugin (I think this is an issue, comment if it is or not.) Cost money (I think this is an issue, comment if it is or not.) A pinned post containing information about these issues would be helpful, and I've made an example on the next page, heck, you could use this post, and I'll edit it. Posting formats This post was made because many people suggest plugins that Minehut can't add. When posting a plugin/update, read this post first to understand the format. New plugins: Make sure the plugin is: Supported for the current minecraft version (1.15) A public plugin that people can download without asking for permission Free Suggested posting format: Title: New - [Plugin name here] Post: Link: [Link to plugin here] Description (Optional if the link has a description [Description] Updating plugins: Make sure the update is: Supported for the current minecraft version (1.15) A public plugin that people can download without asking for permission Free Not a snapshot/unstable version Suggested posting format: Title: Update - [Plugin name here] Post: Update: [Plugin Version] Link: [Link to new update]
  2. Not updated to 1.15!
  3. -1 Minehut will only add free plugins, I'm fairly sure.
  4. Seems up to date, and there is only 2 types of bow in minecraft 1.15, so I hope they will add this.
  5. What is it? It is a tab on the homepage, just after plugins, but before file manager. When clicked a list, a bit like the forums, a bit like the plugins tab, shows up with a bunch of community packs. What is a community pack? A community pack, or as I prefer, pack, is a collection of user created content, which includes: Schematics World downloads Skript scripts Data packs Edited plugin configs Possibly pictures? Much more... [Comment some ideas!] The content can be posted on the tab, and the creator can charge a price, in credits, to get the content. They can give the pack a name, description and a maximum of 3 tags. The box could also show the amount of times it was purchased, the price and the buy for [credits] credits box. If you click on the pack, a preview section pops up showing information about the pack. Example "TNT Run" by Blocksium 12 purchases [✓] [Buy for 320 credits] ★★★★☆ Overview: 10 Schematics 2 Skript Scripts 1 config edit Contains: TntLobby1.schem (1032 blocks) 2 Pictures TntLobby2.schem (869 blocks) 1 Picture TnTMap1.schem (25720 blocks) 5 Pictures ... GameCore.sk (192 lines, 2683 chars) 2 Pictures OtherStuff.sk (37 lines, 293 chars) 1 Picture config.yml (Essentials, Functioning) Comments (3): ShaneBee ★★★★☆ Worked very well, but the tnt head cosmetic didn't work. Reply from creator: Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot a %. Matqx ★★★★★ This plugin is great! You ★★★☆☆ Minehut will never add this idea lol... If the user has not linked their minecraft account, they could just be called Anonymous, credits are linked with the user, not their minecraft account. There could also be a pack creation charge, depending on minehut's stance on this idea, and the reaction of the poll. What else is in the community section? Occasionally, links to the minehut youtube tutorial videos, whether that be skript related or not, can appear in the list. There are also links to helpful places like the minehut forums tutorial section, support and more. Adverts for SLG? Normal adverts Why this is good There are a lot of good things about this, it's a win-win-win-win situation for all sides. Minehut: Makes more money, it gives credits a use, more than just ranks. Furthermore, while many players have come up with ideas for them, this one might be likely to be added as it is a suitable replacement for when plugins costed credits. Despite the fact that no credits are formed from players buying packs, the players need to have some credits in the first place, so they will buy credits. Builders/developers: Able to get lots of credits, so they can buy ranks or other packs. New server creators: Able to make a server in under an hour. Community: With a marketplace, there is more Issues This idea does not come free of issues. Issue: This seems like a dream, it's too much work and minehut will never add this. Solution: I hope they do! Read the reasons above to see why. Issue: There is an issue with current content or the creator wants to give out new content to make it better. (e.g. new map) Solution: Creators could give out updates, most likely they won't be able to charge for an update (they can still edit the price so new buyers pay more), but only people who have paid can update, of course. Issue: Issues with content Solution: A report feature, where a moderator will have to look at the content, and will act accordingly. Issue: Many people come to minehut to have a free server and can't buy credits... Solution: All users could start with some credits. Also, If creating packs is free, users could create packs to make enough money to buy packs. Issue: Users can create packs to cost loads of credits but contain very little code (scamming). Solution: There is a preview section, and pictures can be added as a proof, though not good. Configs: It could say if the config works, by trying it on a test server? Although it could just be the default config, (in that case you could have some checks?) Pictures: Just show it with a watermark of some sort. Skript scripts: The line and character count is a weak defence against this, but people can't copy and paste from a picture unless they took a long chunk of time looking at the picture. (A watermark could block some chars from being read.) Schematics: Once again, there isn't much you can do except look at the block count and a few pictures. World downloads: Maybe show the file size? Though that isn't a good solution. Data packs: Same as skript scripts. Unfortunately, scamming might still happen. Packs could be verified by mods, but a few unlucky ones would need a refund section, where they can report the pack to moderators who will check, and if the pack is a scam, they could get a refund, and possibly the creator could be punished (maybe even breach of TOS). Issue: Buyers could steal others content and resell it. Solution: If the original creator spots the pack and sees it contains their content, they can report the pack to moderators who will check, and if someone has stolen content, they could be punished, and all credits gained by them could be given to the original creator. Issue: Buyers could publicly give it away for free. Solution: Punishments of some sort. Issue: What about this issue? Solution: Post it in the comments and I'll think of a solution. Conclusion I hope you liked this idea. Make sure to poll, if there is an issue with the post, note that I haven't proof read it yet, and I'm going to sleep so I wont be able to edit it or reply to comments till tomorrow.
  6. Blocksium

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    I thought most people would disagree. I have a much better idea than this.
  7. But how would a user log in? I presume the user logs into their account, and there is a second section to the server selection box named Other servers: (Also a Your servers: would fit this style.) They click it and they are now on that server's page. The username method requires that the user has linked their account so, there could be an error message when adding a player saying that username has not been linked to an account. This method removes the owner of the server from knowing the other's email.
  8. Blocksium


    I wonder who made Sk-NBeeT? [Don't namemc me...]
  9. Maybe it could only be for the most common plugins. Skript Essentials Multiverse That's most plugin file edits in 3 plugins. Edit: 4/4 People agree this should be a feature. Thanks!
  10. Blocksium

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    I've changed my mind and I think this is a very bad idea, and have a better one.
  11. I meant like it sees what type of file it is. A plugin's config file e.g. You're editing essential's config.yml and then you the press the button and it checks the directory of the file, (plugins/essentials/config.yml) then it would then run the console command /ess reload confirm A script e.g. You're making a script in skript and then you the press the button and it checks the directory of the file, (plugins/skript/scripts/[name].sk) then it would then run the console command /sk reload [name] TLDR: Usually when a file is created/edited on the file manager, the server needs to run a command to reload so a button would be helpful to combine the saving and the reloading.
  12. Even then, you only need 1 person to keep up ∞ servers 24/7
  13. Nvm, I fixed this. How do you delete posts?
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