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  1. Not updated to 1.15!
  2. -1 Minehut will only add free plugins, I'm fairly sure.
  3. Seems up to date, and there is only 2 types of bow in minecraft 1.15, so I hope they will add this.
  4. I thought most people would disagree. I have a much better idea than this.
  5. Blocksium


    I wonder who made Sk-NBeeT? [Don't namemc me...]
  6. I've changed my mind and I think this is a very bad idea, and have a better one.
  7. Blocksium

    Can't use discord?

    Nvm, I fixed this. How do you delete posts?
  8. Blocksium

    Can't use discord?

    I know this is a bit unrelated but whenever i have issues with stuff i usually go to discord but discord isn't updating atall... Both on my phone and mac
  9. 2 I've TOTALLY joined the staff team somehow
  10. Lol this is apparently catorgized as hot!
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