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  1. Posted December 10, 2020 ATLASMINE JR.MOD APPLICATION Hello there, thank you for wanting to apply on AtlasMine. Before you apply, make sure you have met the following requirements: - Must be 13 or above - Strong understanding of the server - Active on both discord & in-game - Strong understanding and knowledge of the rules APPLICATION FORMAT User Details: - Ingame Username: CloudyBear - Discord Name & Tag: (Ex: sowciaIsEpik#9394) CloudyBear#1304 - How old are you? 14 - What is your time zone? AEST - Do you have a working microphone? (Yes/No) Yes - What language do you speak and do you speak English fluently? Swahili, and yes I do speak english fluently. General Details: - How long can you participate on the server each day? Around 1-4 hours. - How experienced are you of being a Moderator? 4 years on experience in pithonpvp. I am now a mod. I was srmod once but staff had reset. - Why should you be picked over other applicants? I believe that you should choose me over the other applicants for the following reasons stated below: Professionalism: There are times when you might see me joking around in chat with friends or fellow members, but when it comes to someone who needs help or being professional my behavior and attitude instantly changes, as I must proceed with caution for what I say will either have good or bad consequences. Organized: In an area such as reporting a hacker, I like to record a lot so finding a hacker would be a bit easier. I always make sure I save my proof in a proof folder or in a discord server. I use discord a lot to keep my proof and file them into different servers. Impartial: A great example of this would be friends. I may be friends with you, but if you insist on breaking the rules you will be given the same punishment as everyone else. I do not and will not judge because of your race nor will I judge you on how well your English is, everyone will be treated equally and with respect. Knowledgeable: I've been playing on AtlasMine for a while now and have learned a lot about the game-mode I play and feel that proficiency level of expertise and can help people with problems they have or give them advice on how to get started, like for e.g some people don't know about the pickaxe upgrades and other stuff. A team player: The best examples of this were instead of reporting hackers on the discord I would ask a staff member to help me with the person and just giving them a look out for that player. - How is your actions going to benefit the server? I have two things. The most important of these is, simply put, the time I'm going to spend helping the server. This may sound obvious, but I think it is important to mention this. Ultimately, I hope that by investing my time in the server, the server grows even faster and the server gets even better. By putting my time in the server, I mean supporting players where necessary and also helping to ensure that people who break the rules are punished for doing so. Last but not least I have a decent knowledge of screensharing, I can also make good quality recordings and therefore easily report hackers. My knowledge about the use of different hacked clients is largely due to my experience. I have a lot of experience in this area and my screenshare skills come in handy here too. Some hacks are harder to spot than others, so understanding the basics of screensharing is an important skill. I have built up my knowledge of hacked clients in the field over the years of playing Minecraft and can add it to the staff team and improve the server in this way. - What make you want to be a staff member on here? There are three reasons why I would like to join the AtlasMine staff team. Reason one is that I really enjoy helping people along, this may sound corny but this is the main reason for me. Helping people always gives me great satisfaction and a good feeling, especially when they are very grateful to you. Second, I'd like to help the server move forward. AtlasMine has been growing lately, this brings a lot of great things for all the people who have worked hard to achieve this in recent years. However, this also brings new problems, including the increased number of players on the server who either need help or break the rules. - Have you gotten any punishment in the past 1 week? (This doesn't mean you'll be denied instantly) I have not. - Describe some activitites in your personal life. I like to code a lot, I also do cubing, I am mostly alone and don't make a lot of friends due to lockdown and my life has been pretty hard ever since. I stay alone a lot thinking about everything that I know and give deeper thoughts.
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