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  1. when i do /plugins Player_server comes up, idk what it is but is it useing up one of my 12 plugins or not?
  2. I don't think it worked I gave the enderman 200 health but I still kill them in 18-21 hits
  3. so when some one reaches lvl 5,7,10,13,15,17,19,21,24,26.28,30 they get a paper renamed to:&6Lvl up Token and after lvl 30 reset xp lvl back to 0. also a script that disables enderman teleports would be nice but not required
  4. I want to edit certain mobs health (without changing the difficulty), and I want enderman not to teleport.
  5. how do I check the texture files?
  6. has a gun shop at spawn. a cat that sells ramen noodles, and a kitten that sells cures and vaccines. you can team with other players or attack them. if you get sick you can try to infect your enemies with it. getting shot will cause bleeding (to cure bleeding buy a med kit form the kitten) and headshots are 1 hits. IP: lislandl.minehut.gg (those are lowercase L not uppercase i)
  7. I don't know if this is just on minehut or all of Minecraft, I know its not just me and its happened on other servers, i noticed it after the recent minehut update
  8. i figured it out with some trial and error, it was that when i renamed the gun i was typeing '&4Catsrule3265's Blaster' but you cant have the { ' } in the middle of the name or lore
  9. any one know how to fix this, I'm trying to customize some guns but it wont save the changes, and my server is offline when I do it. plz help
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