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    remember these things im about to say may not be added i just want them to be added you can also change some of them on how you think they must look like /server (alias=/s) {servername} shows server name description how many players (basically a hopper gui showing the server in the middle) fix /ignore bring back /party more perms for vip pro legend patron vip = prefix, 1.2gb instead of 1gb for starting servers pro = prefix, 1.5gb instead of 1gb for starting servers legend = prefix, 1.7gb instead of 1gb starting servers patron+ = 2gb starting servers add a RESTART button in panel fix a heck ton of plugins and more tutorials on how to fix stuff in luckperms and stuff playerslots and ram as different things add a shop category to panel to buy playerslots and ram RAM +1mb ram = +10 c/day +1gb ram = +95 c/day PLAYERSLOTS +1player = +5 c/day PACKAGES Starter server > 0c/day > 1gb ram > 10playerslots Starter+ server > 100c/day > 2gb ram > 20playerslots Minehut Exclusive > 0c/day > 250playerslots > whatever how much gb they have Do remember these changes can be changed and are 99.99% optional and the numbering can be changed i really just want these features some of them are really bizzare note that they are just examples commandblock here and peace
  2. You should make it so when you join a server and its either whitelisted banned or outdated to the server then it just says in chat and renames the server name for a second saying the reason you cant join its better than clicking a server you exit the gui you move to a new lobby it says the reason than you click the server list again like thats annoying i know some servers work like that but i wihs all servers work like that
  3. Yea on my suggestion before i literally remade the serverlist but with changes and add genres to the server and a way to suggest your own genres also if it doesnt feature any other genres here you cna pick (Unique) but people can report the user if they for example made a skyblock server and clicked unique they can report it for not following the right genre
  4. Okay... First is a way to give your friends permission to your server like letting them use console its better than giving people your password and actually i made a suggestion that i worked more than 1 hour on but it got deleted trent also asked to talk to me in discord but it never went but it was about a change in the server list gui with friends lists favorite servers and a way to feature the server "filter genres Search engine etc." its kinda hard but you guys can do it im too lazy to recreate all of it but ok... i know this will get less respect since it doesnt have the 24+ lightshot picture things
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