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  1. One of the arguments in your defense, I personally am going to have to shutdown. That argument being, the screenshare claim the main reason why is not everyone is properly trained within screensharing people and it could be a liability for the Warzone staff team. Not just that the version you happened to be using, might not benefit your case in an appeal process. Knowing that Ghost Clients such as Raven are disguised and embedded into "Vanilla LabyMod 1.8.9". While other clients and processes are able to inject or run alongside those clients.
  2. When it comes to both the Secondary Clip and the Original Clip, watch all of his fights in 0.25 speed. For direct and clear acknowledgement of his Reach / Aura.
  3. User Name - Incapitus Offense - Kill Aura / Reach Evidence -
  4. Within the time period of reporting this individual some things happened that would then further put emphasis on the fact this individual had been using modifications at the time. Although this could be taken with a grain of salt here is what happened after. Off of the Warzone Brand and Server, I had asked the individual if he would like to screenshare that way he could give himself the chance to prove his innocents. When we had undergone the screenshare, with SlickNicky10 overlooking what had occurred (Warzone Developer, and Server Owner) due to his moderation experience. I undergone the s
  5. User Name - antonbjorklund Offense - Kill Aura / Aimbot / Reach Evidence -
  6. User Name - Incapitus Offense - Aura / Aimbot / Reach Evidence -
  7. first now Benny respond to my Report on warzone
  8. User Name - Smoged Offense - Speed / Scaffold (Discrimination) Evidence -
  9. User Name - DaddyCookie Offense - Scaffold ANTIKB Evidence -
  10. User Name - happycookiedonut Offense - Spamming Evidence -
  11. User Name - seraphlamington & Bogeyink Offense - Toxicity / Discrimination Evidence -
  12. User Name - Authoritively Offense - Kill Aura / Aimbot (Chat Infractions - Discrimination/Toxicity) Evidence - https://i.imgur.com/u3c62NC.png https://i.imgur.com/atcAXlc.png
  13. User Name - TheDarkBatman Offense - KillAura/Reach Evidence -
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