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  1. Yes please, So whenever i try duping it destoys the tnt I think the minehut servers have set up something to stop tnt duping on their servers
  2. I want to allow tnt duping on my server but it won't let me. How can i fix it?
  3. I can't OP myself as my account has been fully reset. See thats the problem I don't have access to any of my servers anymore and all my credits are gone that I got legitimately.
  4. My minehut account has been completely reset I no longer have accesses to my servers from my control panel and all my credits are gone the servers that belong to me still work and i can play them as usual but i cannot accesses the commands for it. This is after my servers weren't working for a few days as i couldn't turn them on. Now they work but I have a different problem.
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