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  1. dude i heard in thaland they arrest you for calling out the king is that true if so im so sorry maybe u guys could try adopting the 1st amendment

  2. i am an american and proud AMA
  3. I just joined the forums recently after my friend told me about them, and i wanted to suggest a new class, one that focuses around summoning soldiers to fight for you, or maybe hypnotizing enemies to fight for you, maybe a necromancer or a beastmaster. If it was a necromancer the abilities could be a basic skeleton, a ranged skeleton, and maybe some kind of juggernaut that costs much more mana. I always enjoy playing as summoner type classes in games, and really hope someone sees this!
  4. Recently I've had tons of issues with no solutions trying to rename an uploaded worlds file to "world." This was a very important thing, as location variables are saved per world, and with a changing world file name I would have to redo all of them. I believe it'd be very nice just to have the option to directly rename world file names either from console or in game, and be able to override the base world with your own.
  5. hello all the dedicated fans to the amazing server darskpire, i am just make announcement that i've been helping a friend with a server for awhile so I haven't been able to work on darkspire, once that's done he'll help me finish things up with tebbi and then it should be ready. my estimate is around february for release, and then consistent updates every few weeks
  6. find better people to make mod next time pls
  7. I definitely wouldnt be hyped that much for a server that manages to hibernate for nearly 4 months
  8. so a week or two ago the /f alias for /friends was removed. I've searched around and have heard it was because factions uses /f. not being able to use /f was certainly annoying for the few factions server that exist I could assume, but a network wide command shouldn't be made more inconvenient just because an optional plugin happens to have the same alias. I would like to see the /f command return so people can actually use friends commands without having to type out "/friends" every time. if factions really needs its /f alias that bad, perhaps a system could be in place to give /f from f
  9. we planned out a new combat system and tebbis finally making it so expect this to release soon
  10. tebbi's in japan for a few weeks so that's kind of halting him making the finishing touches pls dont forget about this its still coming
  11. I like how molly doesn't even inform him he's in the wrong category
  12. fast bow is literally an impossible hack to make since bows are server side and not clientside, so yeah whoever banned you is insanely stupid
  13. i've noticed this is still a big problem and hasn't really changed, very epic indeed
  14. hey by the way the server's not dead I'm just working on a different project for now and I'll probably start work again (and hopefully release since it's super close to release) in a few weeks
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