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  1. Hey the thread got locked but yes that is all true he locked it to avoid damaging his reputation I can send screenshots of my mcchat bot

  2. Hello I would like to inform you all about the server known as "ValkNet" and or "Minehut no. 2." I was recently accused of using a alt (against TOS since im assuming the account was banned) I got on soon after these events occured. Where a staff commented "he likes to curse a lot" where I then replied "yep, thats me" since I tend to use profanity while structuring my sentances rather frequently. They then went on to receive proof I was not using a alt, I even offered to show screenshots of my toolbar/screenshare, TacticalModz was quick to drop it as soon as I offered which I assumed concluded the conflict. Come 2 hours later, he and his posse join my server while me and my staff team were working on it, What started out as a nice and genuine encounter soon went south as he proceeded to call me vulger names and insult me, here is the log from my discord bot Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » kitkat answer my question you pussy | Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » but all i got was nothing from you and u started chatting in minecraft with all ur furry fucking pkayers and staff | Default DEFAULT TacticalModz » So get your fucking shit together. After I refused (I dont have an alt) he proceeded to fire me from the ValkNet staff team. What infuriates me the most, I went on to ValkNet earlier to attempt to reason with him (I didnt even want staff back I just wanted to say he was wrong then proceed to curse him out) then after 20 seconds I was blacklisted (Ban). It angers me that he would not even talk to me or even give me a chance to reason with him, his staff even told him he was blowing it out of preportion; He then disregarded his staff and decided that he was done with me. Thanks for listening, I just wanted to share how I dont understand someone smart enough to skript a whole minehut no.2 can lack knowledge and people skills on that high of a level.
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