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  1. well the shaders make everything look better but yeah took some time
  2. thanks for all positive comments! here some more screenshots of our server Warzone and our shop
  3. VcGuns is a server with guns and factions currenlty theres been a wipe and server Open! Also Looking for Active Staff there every friday loot drops which include weapons and more! VcGuns.minehut.gg 20 player slots! come join us also a quick look at our season 2 spawn area
  4. bigstackofbucks

    Tab reborn

    how can i get the tab prefixes in right order like owner first admin mod testmod etc
  5. have u setup the perms? have u setup the permissions? like essentials.tpa and essentials.sethome
  6. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/projectile-knockback this would be good becouse then other players can make skywars snowball not useless again also ppl with gun servers can make the guns do knockback right now i have a problem with ppl going to /spawn even if someone is shooting them thats why it would be a good plugin
  7. Minecraft with guns and factions cratepartys loot drops and more come check it out! oh and also 20slots /join vcguns or vcguns.minehut.gg
  8. essentialsx is already 2x out of date half of my server commands are buggy or not working for example /pay is not working
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