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  1. IGN: DINOBOY50 Age: 13 Discord: DINO#0581 Timezone: General Questions I want to be mod and work my way up,I really like evolve and it is a fun server that id like to help also ive reported a bunch of glitches and bugs Im petty active i like to help others and i have a specify type of comedy that i use I have been staff on Vector a mining server not prison not skymine but like a area where you mine on the ground with pvp.I also am staff on orewars also a mining server both had an averge 10 players online at all times (before minehut plans) Scenarios I'd say Sorry i
  2. so yeah i always wanted to make a server *a good server* so these are the Skripts yes more then 1 skript 1st skript a custom money - commands /money give player 100,/money remove player 100,/money top - need to useable with console 2nd skript - a gui with 3 rows named &5test - all slots filled with black_stained_glass - on click on 1st slot (aka staied glass) enchant the pickaxe with the next higher fortune - on click on 2nd slot enchant pickaxe with hihger eiffeintly - you know what i will say click 3rd slot run /money give playe
  3. Minecraft username:DINOBOY50Previous usernames: NoneTimezone: ESTAge : 17Do you have access to a working microphone? Yes i do but the audio is very badDo you have the ability to record hackers?: yesHave you played PlexPVP much before?: ive probly played around 2 seasons (1st and 2nd)Are you multilingual? Yes im Are you an active player on Minehut and minecraft in general?: im very very active on minecraft im petty much on every day,im a bit less active on minehut but i do play minecraft so im sure i can make time for staff work,meetings and other stuffHow much time do you have to contribute
  4. Username: DINOBOY50 What punishment did you receive: PERMA BAN Was the punishment fair: no realy i hacked once and got perma banned i would make it 30 days maybe Why should you be unpunished: I love minehut and the warzone server and id like to play on it again What were the events that led to your punishment: i hacked because i had a game with all hackers and i used scfold and fly
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