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  1. bro this explains everything about minehut: mods: sleep all night and let the spammers go admins uh? money? marketplace: most of the stuff is low quality and should not be used unless you can edit it very well minehut servers: buy a plan or dont make a server also minehut servers: make money and trash copys your welcome!
  2. IGN: DINOBOY50 Age: 13 Discord: DINO#0581 Timezone: General Questions I want to be mod and work my way up,I really like evolve and it is a fun server that id like to help also ive reported a bunch of glitches and bugs Im petty active i like to help others and i have a specify type of comedy that i use I have been staff on Vector a mining server not prison not skymine but like a area where you mine on the ground with pvp.I also am staff on orewars also a mining server both had an averge 10 players online at all times (before minehut plans) Scenarios I'd say Sorry i do not know the answer please ask aother mod/admin or if none are online I will ask an admin about that topic please do not spam I'd ask them when there online and not using the "auto mining cheat" Hello Id like to ask you somthing about your mining your very sus please join *insert discord* and sceenshare me
  3. so yeah i always wanted to make a server *a good server* so these are the Skripts yes more then 1 skript 1st skript a custom money - commands /money give player 100,/money remove player 100,/money top - need to useable with console 2nd skript - a gui with 3 rows named &5test - all slots filled with black_stained_glass - on click on 1st slot (aka staied glass) enchant the pickaxe with the next higher fortune - on click on 2nd slot enchant pickaxe with hihger eiffeintly - you know what i will say click 3rd slot run /money give player 100 (cooldown of 1min) (loop this forever) (also youc can add lore to pickaxe to make it easier) - click slot makes you break 3x3 area - click slot makes you have speed - click slot make you have jump - click slot makes you mine other blocks (that coudnt be broken before) - click slot makes console run /money give player 100 every 5 seconds all of that should also run /money remove 1003 keep in mind rhis is for a prison server 3rd skript mine reset skript set x 1 y1 z 1 to x3 x3y 3x to stone cube also have chances of other things spawning like cobblestone i think thats all please help
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