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  1. OH YEAH I FORGOT {spawn} is supposed to be {shop}
  2. First of all, you will have to reference the shop spawn coords command /setshop: permission: op trigger: set {shop} to location of block at location of player send "Shop spawn set to %{spawn}%!" to player Then for the /spawn command command /shop: trigger: teleport player to {shop} send "Teleported!" to player
  3. There are some fake promo videos that don't give you credits. Also for voting, did you vote in minecraftserversorg? Did you put your exact minecraft username? And if yes, may be a traffic error right now.
  4. It happened me using Badlion client tho
  5. I'm ILIKECAKEBOY, and yeah, nothing else to say
  6. I think that's not problem of Lunar Client.
  7. Hi! I just got vip on minehut, just wanted to share with ya! I'm really happy.
  8. Hello, Today, when I voted the server, I saw that I didnt have 1250, I had 250. Yesterday I had 1250, please help me
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