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  1. This was made on my alt minehut account, i dont know why you need to know that but I am more active on the forums than this account shows
  2. 1. IGN MR_pro68YT1 and I have an alt MrPro68YT 2. Timezone CDT (Central Daylight Time) 3. Age (13+ only) 13 4. Discord Name & ID (ex. Sh0ot#3984) Mr_pro68YT#0001 5. What experience do you have as a staff member? I am currently a senior moderator on hardcourse 6. Why would you like to be staff on LavaS Sh0ot offered all hardcourse staff a chance to apply and get accepted, so I am taking that offer and applying. 7. Why should we hire you over other people (fixed your typo)? You should hire me because I have lots of experience with being staff 8. Have you ever hacked before (this will not affect your chances) Mesyl2 made me use a hacked client so he could test something, I dont know what 9. Have you ever been banned on any servers? If so, for what reason? No 10. Anything else we should know? (hobbies, personality, etc) I enjoy swimming and I like coding. I have 2 brothers and a dog. 1. What would you do if you thought someone might be using criticals or nofall? I would spectate them and if I got evidence I would ban them 2. What would you do if you saw somebody flying or using speed hacks? I would get evidence and ban 3. What would you do if someone was botting the server? I would mute the chat and try to get rid of all the bots, try to figure out who started it and ban them 4. What would you do if someone starts spamming personal information in chat? I would mute them 5. What would you do if someone says something racist or homophobic in chat? I would mute them 6. What would you do if somebody was threatening to hack the server? I would ban them
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